52 Funny Toilet Paper Holders to Pass Some Time While You Go

Today we are looking at some funny toilet paper holders, you want to know why? Because it’s one of the most important inventions of our time, if you just think about it really.

This modern invention is necessary for our everyday lives, but we seldom stop to think about it: toilet paper. 

Today, there are dozens of toilet paper brands with new features that promise a more comfortable experience. From ultra-premium to plush, we are now spoiled for choice when it comes to wiping ourselves clean. 

More importantly, we also have many options for toilet paper holders! If you’re looking for a funny way to present your guests with toilet paper when they use the restroom, then check out these 52 funny toilet paper holders. 

To appreciate the presence of a unique toilet paper holder, it is important to know the history behind what it holds: toilet paper.

Toilet paper wasn’t always so embellished. In fact, it used to be much, much simpler back then. Even though the toilet paper roll we use today wasn’t developed until the mid-1800s, people have been wiping themselves clean since the early days of history. 

Unique toilet paper holders list

1. Pulling toilet paper out of a dog’s plastic butt pretty much sums up people’s sense of humor today. 

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2. This toilet paper holder might make you feel conscious while you’re taking a dump!

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The Romans used a sponge on a stick to wipe, rinse off, and leave for the next person. This was effective and simple, but it wasn’t very sanitary. Farmers also used dried corn cobs to clean themselves up – imagine that!

3.  A moose pooping out toilet paper? Why not?

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4. I see you!

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The Chinese developed paper in the 2nd century and began using it after doing their business. But it wasn’t until 1391 that material was developed solely as toilet paper. Toilet tissue was invented so that the Chinese Emperor’s family could wipe clean after relieving themselves.

5. You can do it! You can finish your dump strong!

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6. Imagine your TP holder saying, “I’m Batman.”

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In the late 15th century, people had more books to read, but that also meant having more material to wipe with.

7. The dark side: pooping.

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8. A wipe for you, sir?

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Finally, in 1857, a fellow named Joseph Gayetty created the first commercially sold toilet paper. Loose, individual sheets of paper were treated with aloe and had his name printed on them.

9. This bear can’t take your stinky poop!

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10. Neither can this maid, but at least she covers her eyes.

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Toilet paper was finally a regular product for the average consumer.

11. For when it’s time to release the demon inside.

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12. Vroom, vroom. Time to go number two!

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In 1871, Seth Wheeler requested a patent on the toilet paper roll and, a couple of decades later, the first toilet paper fixture as well!

And now that you know how toilet paper was invented, enjoy the rest of these funny TP holders! 

13. Poo bear, is that you? 

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14. The Ancient Egyptians sure knew how to embellish their toilet paper!

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15. Lego to the bathroom and do our business.

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16. Better be careful when pulling toilet paper from this holder!

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17. Have fun getting this toilet paper off it’s long, long holder.

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18. Watch out for this one — it might just snap a picture of you on the john.

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19. A fossil handing me toilet paper… Sure, why not?

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20. This toilet paper holder will really have you feeling like you’re pooping in nature.

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21. You might just pull the rest of the car out of the wall when you take your TP.

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22. This cute toilet paper dispenser resembles a tube of glue; better wish that it isn’t actually glue!

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23. Another motivation for pushing everything out with strength!

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24. This toilet paper holder might take you to the underworld if you’re not careful.

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25. This one will let you listen to your favorite tunes while doing your business.

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26. A toilet paper holder with a pink roof and two phone slots? Count me in!

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27. Hopefully you will feel as relaxed as this cat after you use the restroom!

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28. There’s no better candidate to present you with toilet paper than a golden duck.

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29. Doing monkey business in here, I see! 

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30. Cats love toilet paper, and hey, we can’t blame them!

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31. This shy sheep is watching you…

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32. This toilet paper holder is just straight-up creepy. You’ll be out of the restroom in no time.

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33. Hopefully your pooping session won’t be so hot that you have to use this fire extinguisher-shaped TP holder. Watch the spicy food!

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34. Tic, tac, POO!

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35. It almost seems rude to get toilet paper with this holder around.

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36. A horse holding your toilet paper? It’s probably very stable. 

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37. Toilet paper is precious, indeed.

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38. Another TP roll, another duck.

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39. Monkey see, monkey hear, monkey poo!

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40. Take your toilet paper from this polite gator.

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41. Another polite and cute animal waiting to give you your toilet paper!

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42. This poopy pig politely presents you with a fresh roll of toilet paper.

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43. When you’re on the toilet for so long that you just end up like this guy:

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44. Hanging around? This froggy has probably seen hundreds of people do their business.

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45. This is the face everybody makes when they have a hard poo.

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46. A cute little toilet paper holder for a quick tinkle in the restroom.

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47. Mooooo!

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48. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell you that your butt is nice every time you go to the restroom?

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49. Thanks for the stinky reminder!

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50. The best Christmas gift:  brand new roll of toilet paper.

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51. These cats will make sure you get your toilet paper rolls just right.

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52. These two are watching you while you do your business; try not to get distracted!

cat shape toilet paper holder
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We hope you enjoyed reading fun facts about toilet paper and checking out these funny holders. For other fun stuff, check out this article on ridiculous things to buy on the internet and other funny lists on The Awesome Daily!

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