52 Funny Dog Faces That Will Make You Howl with Laughter

My dog always cracks me up with his hilarious faces, and if you have a dog too, you will related to these funny dog faces images below, I guess it’s a common trait with dogs do make their family members laugh and generally feel good.

Dogs have long been regarded as among mankind’s best and closest friends. They provide the largest range of functions among domesticated animals, including friend, helper, protector, and lifesaver, making them amazing companions. Long before we could even remember, there has already been a close bond between man and canine.

Dogs and humor

We’ve all come across dogs that we find to be entertaining or outright hilarious. Much of our joy and laughter comes from the antics that our furry companions get up to. This may make you wonder if your dog itself has a sense of humor.

Do they realize that they are making the situation funny the same way we recognize it? Do dogs find humor in things, and do they laugh?

Some thinkers came up with the idea that it is playfulness that indicates a dog’s sense of humor. If we think of playfulness as something that constitutes a sense of humor, then dogs most certainly have it!

Evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin even looked for emotional parallels between animal and people, and he thought dogs had a sense of humor that went beyond simple play.

Other evolutionary biologists take the stance that many animals are capable of understanding humor. And dogs, clearly, are included in this group of animals, as you can see in these 52 funny dog faces below!

Funny pictures of dog faces list

1. This chihuahua looks like he’s just woken up from the world’s longest nap.

via Pinterest

2. Is it just us, or does this dog look like a certain movie star

via Pinterest

3. Imagine waking up every morning to see this!

via Great Pet Care

4. Dogs sometimes pull the silliest faces for no apparent reason!

via Live About

5. This dog looks like he’s about to take off for a flight.

via Erblicken

6. If looks could kill, this dog’s face would have already caused several deaths in the vicinity.

via TikTok

7. We don’t know whose face is funnier: the white dog’s cheesy smile or the grey dog’s look of utter disgust!

via YouTube

8. This dog is ready for the camera even while he’s asleep!

via PX Fuel

9. Nothing is funnier than throwing a treat or toy into water and taking photos of dogs’ eager faces jumping in to chase after it!

via YouTube

10. If disappointment had a face, this would be it.

via Deviant Art

11. “Good morning, sunshine.”

via Wallpaper Safari

12. This little dog looks like he’s afraid of thunder, but his overbite just makes the picture so much funnier!

via Meme Arsenal

13. Dogs are undoubtedly weird, but this pup pressing his nose upon the wall gets extra weirdo points from us.

via People

14. It seems like whatever is on the other side of that glass is as shocking as what’s inside a horror house, at least for this dog!

via PBH2

15. When you realize that the end of the world could’ve happened and we just got lucky.

via Facebook

16. “Hello. I am happy to see you.”

via Pinterest

17. Whoever said chihuahuas are rabid little dogs just hasn’t seen one smile. Aww!

via Erblicken

18. Er… yes, you have a very beautiful smile, Rocco!

via YouTube

19. Another funny thing to do to capture funny dog faces is to throw treats in the air – voila!

via Quotestgram

20. This hound obviously has his own hunting style going on, and with a matching face too.

via PBH2

21. This husky has seen things, and we’re not sure we want to see them too.

via Flickr

22. What do you call a tongue-out like this? A blep!

via Free 4k Wallpapers

23. This little dog looks a lot like Snoop Dogg, don’t you think?

via Reddit

24. The face you make when you’re tired of running a race and are just happy that you’re finally done.

via Puchic

25. “I saved a spot for you.”

via Daily Moss

26. This dog looks like he’s in a panic over something like the cat using his bed.

via Erblicken

27. “Oh… oh no. That’s not good.”

via The Telegraph

28. *Visible confusion*

via Pop Sugar

29. If dogs could tell jokes, then this is probably what they would look like doing it.

via Meme Bams

30. “Are you sure there’s hidden treasure down here?”

via Great Pet Care

31. No other dog looks as perplexed as this one does!

via Wallpaper Safari

32. Sometimes the funniest dogs don’t even know they’re being funny.

via Worldwide Interweb

33. We’re not sure how this dog achieved this position, but it must not be very comfortable!

via Daily Moss

34. This husky is 100% judging you right now.

via She Knows

35. “Say cheese!”

via Paper Blog

36. “Yes, it was I who did it! I shared all your secrets!”

via Memes Bams


via Quotesgram

38. “Can someone turn off that light? I just woke up.”

via Meme Arsenal

39. This dog looks like he just discovered what the TV is.

via YouTube

40. Who knows what this dog is thinking? Or is it even thinking at all?

via PBH2

41. Ah yes, only dogs would find joy in swallowing the air that comes out of a leaf blower.

via Schizophrenia

42. “He said what?!”

via Bili Bili

43. This dog is all smiles, even as he dreams.

via The Dodo

44. It looks like this dog wants nothing more than a cheeseburger based on the face that he’s making!

via WordPress

45. “I feel the wonderful breeze in my face.”

via Acid Cow

46. The poor thing got stung by a bee, but we can’t help but laugh at his huge snout!

via Indie 88

47. “Treat! Where?”

via eBaums World

48. *Suspicion intensifies*

via Pinterest

49. “Cliiiiimb every mountaaaaain!”

via Acid Cow

50. Sun’s out, tongue’s out!

via Good Housekeeping

51. “Hello, my name is Doug, and I am here between your car seats.”

via Wag Pets

52. This chihuahua looks like he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

via Memes Monkey

Our relationship with dogs

Dogs and humans have coexisted ever since canines accompanied people as they migrated across East Asia 15,000 years ago. Given the friendly nature of both humans and dogs, the connection seemed natural. Neither can live in isolation for very long, and both gain something positive from strong social connections.

Although domestic dogs and wolves share 99 percent of their genetic makeup, dogs exhibit a level of affection toward other canines and people that is very different from a wolf’s guarded and defensive demeanor.

Dogs make excellent candidates for the position of “man’s best friend” since they are friendly and social pack animals that enjoy praise and affection.

Dogs and humans have a mutually beneficial relationship. While dogs have been tamed enough so that they depend on us for survival, people have also learned to rely on the companionship of dogs.

Many pet owners will stand by the claim that their dog is just another member of the family; that’s how much dogs mean to us! 

Dogs will always be man’s best friend, no matter what funny faces they make. Heck, it’s a huge part of the reason we love them! The next time your pet dog pulls a funny face at you, give them some playtime and reward them with a treat; they deserve it from bringing so much joy into our lives.

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