51 Best Ohio Memes That Will Make You Wish You Visited… Or Not

The internet is always abuzz with new trends. In recent years, it seems that an older meme has resurfaced and is currently making waves once again. The Ohio meme has left more than one internet user feeling confused.

And with several more memes showing up on TikTok, the internet has grown even more curious about what  Ohio memes actually are and what they means. 

For those who may not know much about Ohio, it is a state located in the midwest of the United States of America.

Not only is it in the center of the country geographically, but it has also become the center of attention on the interwebs as of late. Here we’ll learn why everybody is currently saying, “Only in Ohio.” 

Origin of Ohio based memes

Ohio memes aren’t as recent as they seem, though they are blowing up right now. They actually started many years back from a meme called “Ohio vs. the World,” which gained popularity in 2016.

It was posted on Tumblr and alluded to fictitious dangers in the state as well as Ohio’s desire for world dominance. 

via Reddit

The meme was of a bust stop with a digital screen flashing the words “Ohio will be eliminated.” It circulated on different social media platforms, from Reddit to Twitter and Instagram. The more it got around, the more people came up with Ohio-based memes that jokingly called the state a threat. 

In 2019, a meme related to Ohio became incredibly popular. It was a picture painted using Microsoft Paint depicting two astronauts.

One astronaut was fully aware of Ohio’s global reign while the other had no clue that Ohio had such power and influence. 

via Know Your Meme

Ohio State Memes making a comeback

Recently, the users of Twitter and TikTok have started re-sharing old memes as well as new memes that make fun of Ohio. 

TikTok, being the largest meme platform in recent years, catapulted Ohio memes back to popularity. Everybody is now following the hype of this meme, this time in a different version called “Only in Ohio.”

This type of meme involves creepypasta footage depicting gigantic creature attacking cities and satirically announcing that such events could only happen in Ohio. 

Believe it or not, the hashtag “#onlyinohio” has over 1 billion views on TikTok! 

Some of these videos are not even really related to real happenings in Ohio. The video could literally be about anything and still make fun of the state. 

One such meme on TikTok showed a video of a ride at an amusement park with swings that moved people around what looked like an extension cord type of contraption. 

There are other memes on TikTok showing comparisons of normal cats to the cats in Ohio, who are jokingly said to go to the gym every day. The result is a bunch of cats that are incredibly muscular, which apparently only happens in Ohio.

Many other internet users have shared pictures of wild animals roaming on the streets, of course, claiming that it is from Ohio. 

Naturally, it cannot be guaranteed that all the images being shared are reflective of events that are truly taking place in Ohio. But at the same time, other memes that are even the tiniest bit related to the state have really caught the attention of internet users. 

Why is Ohio a Meme

So now that we know that memes about Ohio are blowing up on the internet, we need to ask one question with a possibly complicated answer: Why? 

Perhaps there is no complicated answer. Some may say it is Ohio’s somewhat bad reputation that makes it the butt of all jokes.

But perhaps the internet simply has a diverse sense of humor. If some netizens start making fun of one thing, it has the potential to grow and become a big meme for a time. Anything can go viral in an instant, and people on the internet were quick to join in on making fun of Ohio. 

Netizens Not Amused

While poking fun at Ohio may be funny for some, it is actually offensive to others. Many have expressed their distaste on social media platforms. 

While some may show their displeasure at the memes that are circulating, we can’t help but be entertained by them. 

So without further ado, here are some of the funniest old and new Ohio memes for your laughing pleasure: 

Ohio State Memes List

1. How unfortunate that the greeting for “good morning” in Japan is the same pronunciation as this state.

via PKB News

2. The state just attracts asteroids like magnets and iron filings. 

via PKB News

3. When you find out someone is from Ohio and mentally check out. 

via Cheezburger

4. The horror!

via Meme Droid

5. It’s time to get as far away from Ohio as humanly possible!

via The Mostly Simple Life

6. Everything is Ohio now. There is no more United States. Only Ohio. 

via Hoyo Lab

7. In the near future, many kids will be saying, “Mom, there’s Ohio in my candy” during Halloween. 

via Know Your Meme

8. Just another average family living their life in Ohio. 

via Imgflip

9. Nothing to see here, just fell into a pothole again. 

via Only In Your State

10. If you’ve seen one corner of Ohio, then you’ve seen the whole state. 

via Pinterest

11. Beware of the dark shadowy place called Ohio. The light doesn’t touch it for a reason. 

via Meme Droid

12. Looks like someone’s going someplace way warmer than it should be. 

via Cheezburger

13. There has to be a way to escape this madness in Ohio!

via Meme Droid

14. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

via Pinterest

15. Just stay inside grandma. It’s safer in Ohio that way. 

via Imgflip

16. One of the worst states possible to live in. 

via Cheezburger

17. If Ohio’s doing anything right, it’s rounding up its drug dealers!

via Twitter

18. Never try to have your baby in Ohio.

via Pinterest

19. There’s only one thing to do in Ohio that’s worthwhile: leave. 

via Amazon

20. Cue ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” in 3-2-1… Welcome to Ohio!

via Meme Droid

21. When you’re just trying to walk and Ohio creatures attack you randomly.

via Sports Keeda

22. There’s a diverse weather profile in this state, as you can see.

via Imgflip

23. Hopefully someone can decode this secret letter that you’ve put together about “staying” in Ohio.

via Red Bubble

24. There’s just that Ohio vibe about you. 

via eBaums World

25. People in Ohio have this reaction every time the weather drops by one degree. 

via Twitter

26. Who knows what’s real in Ohio? The seasons don’t even count here. 

via Only In Your State

27. Nothing makes sense in Ohio anymore, at least weather-wise. 

via Memes.com

28. Something you can expect when you stay at any hotel in Ohio. 

via The Sun

29. Average days in Ohio are as mundane as this meme. 

via TikTok

30. Chemical exposure being treated as normal — only in Ohio. 

via 9gag

31. This is anybody’s reaction after finding out that you live in Ohio. 

via Meme Maker

32. Sorry Browns, no matter what the weather is like, there’s still no touch of a touchdown for you. 

via Cleveland

33. When was the last time you saw anything green in Ohio?

via Memes Monkey

34. Ohio memes are just that popular among the young ones. 

via Reddit

35. Welcome to Ohio, where we are known for our abundant potholes!

via Pinterest

36. Weather is just the worst in Ohio. 

via Deviant Art

37. If we’re going to have a bunch of potholes in Ohio, the least we can do is make them look pretty.

via Cleveland

38. Winter is coming — no, winter is here. It is always here in Ohio.

via Vobss

39. This scene seems like something taken straight out of a dystopian fiction, which is basically reality in Ohio.

via Vobss

40. Ohio, where the weather is weathering all the time. 

via Meme Heist

41. Sixteen degrees? That’s nothing!

via Home Snacks

42. A triceratops in the middle of the road? No biggie. 

via Idle Meme

43. Only in Ohio would you find such a terrifying yet fascinating creature.

via Know Your Meme

44. Spring in Ohio? Do you mean winter for the rest of the world?

via Quick Meme

45. Nobody cares about Ohio memes (except us, of course). 

via Imgflip

46. Ah, yes. Just another normal day in Ohio. 

via YouTube

47. Wearing this is like wearing a badge of honor that you can truly be proud of. 

via Tee Shirt Place

48. Even the cats in Ohio are weird. 

via Memes.com

49. Nothing can control Ohio at this point. 

via Meme Heist

50. It’s easy to paint Ohio. All you need to do is add more white for snow. 

via Pinterest

51. Just another relaxing late night drive in Ohio. 

via Imgflip

If you’ve reached this far and you’re still interested in going to Ohio, then we wish you luck. It might just be the best (or the worst) place to be in — at least based on these memes!

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