45 Funny Chocolate Memes That Will Have You Watering

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And who doesn’t love to laugh, no one, that’s the only answer here. That’s why these funny chocolate memes are the perfect combination for a great day.

Where did chocolate come from, and how did people come to be so obsessed with this sweet treat?

Today, we’ll be learning about the origins of chocolate while enjoying some of the funniest memes about this famous food. So grab a snack (maybe a bar of chocolate), sit back, relax, and enjoy the chocolate memes list.

Latin American origins

Chocolate has a long history of almost 4,000 years. It all started in Mesoamerica, which is what we know to be present-day Mexico.

Cacao plants were first found here by the Olmec, one of the oldest civilizations in Latin America. They were the first to turn this plant into chocolate, which was used as medicine and drank during rituals.

When the Mayans came along centuries later, they called chocolate “xocolatl,” meaning “bitter water,” and hailed it as the drink of the gods. 

Chocolate was also used as currency! In the 15th century, the Aztecs traded chocolate and drank it for many reasons. They enjoyed it as a refreshing drink, considered it an aphrodisiac, and even used it to prepare for war. 

The Funny Chocolate Memes List

1. The Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs probably didn’t realize that chocolate would cause weight gain later on when people would add sugar to chocolate!

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2. There’s only one way to consume chocolate, and that’s to get chocolate wasted.

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3. Chocolate? Don’t mind if I do!

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4. Someone give the little girl her chocolate before she commits another crime!

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5. It would have been interesting to see what else ancient civilizations mixed with chocolate, but brussels sprouts were probably off the menu.

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Chocolate in Spain and Europe

The origins of chocolate in Spain are a well-kept secret. But many people believe that the explorer Hernán Cortés was responsible for bringing this coveted product back to his homeland in 1528.

Cortés was sent out in search of gold and riches in the Americas. He instead found cocoa given to him by the Aztecs. After introducing cocoa seeds to the Spanish, it was then mixed with sugar and honey to sweeten the bitter taste.

Chocolate soon gained popularity among the wealthy Spanish. It was even revered by the Catholic monks, who drank it during religious practices. 

6. This is probably what the Spanish royals and upper class thought when their clothes suddenly started getting tight from all the chocolate.

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7. Happy chocolate day! We’re going to force chocolate in your mouth.

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8. This chocolate looks so sad and disappointed. It would be a shame not to eat it to put it out of its misery!

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9. Not eating chocolate for a short while will guarantee weight loss… Right? 

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10. Give me my chocolate now!!!

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However, the Spanish kept chocolate a secret for quite a long time. The other European nations probably had the same reaction as the meme above!

Nearly a century later, chocolate finally reached France and spread throughout the rest of Europe. As chocolate became more popular in the continent, many countries established their own cacao plantations near the equator. 

11. There’s always room for dessert, especially when it’s chocolate!

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12. Thank you to the Olmecs for discovering chocolate and to the Spanish for adding sugar to it!

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13. Love makes me happy, and so does chocolate, so they’re basically the same thing right? 

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14. A lot of women can probably relate to this meme, especially during that time of the month!

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15. This is probably what the European aristocracy said to their servants.

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The Industrial Revolution

Chocolate continued to be very popular among European aristocracy. Royal families and the upper classes ate and drank chocolate for its health benefits and, more commonly, for its luxurious nature. 

16. This is probably the face European aristocrats made when they ran out of chocolate.

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17. The solution? Always have chocolate!

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18. Apparently, chocolate-dipped hotdogs are not that enjoyable for most people.

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19. Quit arguing about which chocolate is better and start eating it!

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20. By the time the Industrial Revolution arrived, chocolate was more widespread. This was probably how chocolate manufacturers looked when they realized they could sell chocolate en masse.

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Back then, chocolate was still being produced by hand, a slow and arduous process. When the Industrial Revolution started in the late 1700s, things began to change.

The chocolate press was invented in 1828 and revolutionized chocolate making. This device was able to squeeze the cocoa butter from roasted cacao beans, which produced fine cocoa powder. Combined with liquids, it was poured into a mold and created bars of chocolate.

And thus the modern era of chocolate came to be!

Now that you know about the history of chocolate, here are the rest of the memes for you to enjoy: 

21. Why be skinny when you could have all the chocolate that you want?

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22. Tom from Spongebob meets Forrest Gump and they have an interesting conversation about chocolate on a park bench.

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23. Just mention chocolate in front of Tom from Spongebob and watch him go into an absolute frenzy!

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24. What kind of monster bites into a KitKat like this?!

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25. Sometimes chocolate can tell us something that we might not realize for ourselves. 

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26. Life can be like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get. Except in winter. You’ll get cold and hard everything, including your chocolate.

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27. Blaming eating all the chocolate on your sibling works every single time.

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28. Earth is a very special place indeed for producing the cacao plant that makes chocolate production possible!

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29. People who are terrible at remembering names might do well to remember someone’s favorite food, especially if it’s chocolate!

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30. Unfortunately for this dog, he can’t eat anything in a box of chocolates. 

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31. I’m just going to have one large piece of chocolate all to myself. 

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32. There’s a lot of contention on whether white chocolate is or isn’t real chocolate. Apparently, the milk and dark chocolates say they’re the only legitimate types of chocolate around. 

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33. Easter is wonderful for all chocolate lovers!

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34. A chocolate lover’s dream!

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35. A piece of chocolate a day will hopefully keep the doctor away!

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36. How about I pay you but in chocolate?

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37. That one piece turned out to be the entire chocolate bar. 

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38. Thank you, sibling, for sharing your many blessings with me.

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39. Eating chocolate is hardly sexy-looking, but that doesn’t matter when you’re having the most delicious confection of your life!

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40. Valentine’s Day sucks for a lot of people, but not those who love chocolate!

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41. Only someone like Grumpy Cat would say that they don’t like chocolate.

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42. If there’s anything you should expose yourself to, then it’s probably chocolate. Yum!

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43. No more chocolate? Impossible!

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44. There are a lot of debates on chocolate, including what the best type of chocolate really is. Let’s get it over with and just eat the chocolate!

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45. Chocolate is always the right answer!

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And there you have it! We’ve shown you the history of chocolate with a bunch of chocolate memes to go with it. If you enjoyed reading this listicle, then check out our post about the best chocolate recipes ever

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