44 Myth Vs Reality Illustrations That Will Make You Think For a Change

My life is a lie! I thought a lot of these myths were true until I saw these myth vs reality memes. And the one about vaccines causing autism makes me cringe. Honestly, if anyone still believes that, they should take a rocket ship right up to Mars and just stay there.

It’s amazing the kind of garbage information that’s spread from person to person. And people just believe it. I’m guilty of believing some things without question too. But as I get older I become more wary of false information.

I’m constantly looking for proof of everything. And you should too. It’s actually fun. If something doesn’t sound quite right just do some investigating. And when you find out the truth, guess what! You just learned something new.

I know I sound like an overly enthusiastic teacher, but when you’re an adult you tend to stop learning. If you’re not in high school or college you just kind of wash your hands of learning new things. But learning new things can actually be fun if it’s information you actually want to know.

What is a myth?

A myth is a folk story or something you hear from other people that sounds like it can’t be true but everyone believes it is anyway.

For example a lot of small towns in the Area 51 region have many myths about aliens and while we don’t want to conclude for certain that these are not true, we can say that some of these have myth like attributes to them.

It’s like the old saying, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So it’s not so different with myths, if the story sounds too good to be true, and includes elements that do not make sense but for some reason everyone around you thinks they are, it might just be a myth.

When people say: 

  • I heard it from my parents who heard it from their…
  • The old story goes…
  • Everyone knows it’s true….( without providing any reasonable info )
  • This story has been around for decades…

All these are signs that the story you are about to hear might be a myth. So pay close attention, and decide for yourself.

Okay, I’m done lecturing. Take a look at these shocking myth vs reality images and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Best Myth vs Reality examples 

1. Dogs only see in black and white. FALSE! This is just the first of myth vs reality pictures on this list

Not sure who started this myth, but sometime in history people decided that dogs can’t see color. And while dogs don’t see ALL colors and maybe see things differently from people, they DO see some colors pretty good.

2. The truth is that bulls react to the movement of the flag, not the color.

myth vs reality 2 (1)

This just makes sense right? It never sat right with me that bulls hate the color red, it makes no sense. The truth is that bulls attack and charge because the movement of the piece of fabric in front of them, it doesn’t matter if it was red, black, or even white.

3. Not true

myth vs truth 3 (1)

This was a myth that started from old TV shows. But In fact, Ostriches are very powerful animals, and very fast too. So if one gets into danger, while it’s true they would rather run most of the time, they can be very strong and poke the attacker with their beak and cause some serious damage.

So don’t annoy an ostrich just to see how it stick his head in the sand, because more likely, it will attack you.

4. Whoever made this up

myth vs truth 4 (1)

I think this myth was made up by mothers who simply didn’t want their kids to play with toads as they saw it like a dirty animal.

Obviously, toads do NOT cause warts, that’s just silly.

5. You didn’t knew this right?

myth vs truth 5 (1)

So, this is a tricky one, because they do change their colors and sometimes it looks like they change it to blend in, but if you think about it, it makes sense that they change colors based on their moods, if it’s scared, it will change color to protect itself. Makes sense right?

6. Actually elephants walk really quietly

myth vs truth 6 (1)

Just because an elephant is a huge animal, doesn’t mean it is clumsy. Elephants are actually very delicate animals that have a very strong control on their body. They can walk very quietly if needed and even their normal walk doesn’t sound loud compared to their weight.

7. Just because it is huge doesn’t mean it can eat a car

myth vs truth 7 (1)

Just because it looks big on the outside, doesn’t mean it is on the inside. Think about it, there are people in different sizes, does that mean the bigger person can swallow bigger things? Obviously not, eery person’s throat is the same, and just because one is 7 feet tall and the other is 5,5 doesn’t mean he can get more things down his throat.

8. Like a lot of people

myth vs truth 8 (1)

Moles have poor eye sight that is true, but they are not all blind.

9. Actually, mice love other foods too.

myth vs truth 9 (1)

This is straight out of the Disney movies of old, mice will eat pretty much anything they can get their hands own, and some would argue that they actually prefer many things over cheese.

10. Fish can talk. Really?? myth vs truth 10 (1)

Fish actually makes noises and some will describe their noise as one you would hear on a farm.

11. Hard crest, not a horn

myth vs truth 11 (1)

So don’t think you can get it and blow a horn. Actually hunting rhinos for their crest is a very frown upon act, and mostly illegal in most or all areas of the world

12. Good to know!

myth vs truth 12 (1)

Some animals know that during winter or cold times of the year it will be very hard for them to hunt for food. So they hibernate. This way they can stock up on food when they have the chance, and their body shuts down during hibernation and only operates with the essentials, giving them the chance to survive until it gets hot again.

13. All sweet juices have sugar, not only Coca Cola

myth vs truth 13 (1)

While it is true that Coca Cola contains lots of sugar, some juices and other drinks even have more. In general it is not that healthy to drink sugar based drinks, regardless if it’s Cola or something else.

14. Remember that experiment where you put a tooth inside a Coca Cola glass and wait for it to dissolve? Well, it won’t

myth vs real life 14 (1)

Someone though there is acid in Cola? That’s the only explanation I see to it being able to dissolve other materials. Cola is actually a good marinate sauce though so if you like to cook, you should try it out for sure.

15. Tea should be drunk immediately

myth vs real life 15 (1)

It is not recommended to let tea sit for a long period of time before you drink it. Tea that sits for too long can produce some chemicals you don’t want to consume.

16. So cut down on your tea

myth vs real life 16 (1)

There is also caffeine in hot Chocolate did you know that? Some teas may have the same amount or even more caffeine than plain coffee, so there.

17. You hear that. no spirits are needed

myth vs real life 17 (1)

You do not need to add spirit to beer to make it stronger, Some yeast can produce beer with up to 13% alcohol. So no need to spirit it.

18. You always eat while you drink, that’s the real problem

myth vs real life 18 (1)

Beer by itself is not considered a fatty product, it actually has low fat. What people think makes you fat is drinking beer is actually what comes with it. You usually eat a lot of snacks, or drink other alcoholic drinks along side it that are high in sugar.

19. So try to not drink milk while you’re sick

myth vs real life 19 (1)

I never heard of this myth before, but it doesn’t make sense to drink milk when you are sick. Now I know it’s actually not even recommended

20. It’s best to drink a glass of water in the morning.

myth vs real life 20 (1)

This is actually both a myth and the truth, you should drink a glass of water in the morning to get your body hydrated after a long night without any liquids. But it doesn’t matter when you do it, just make sure your body is hydrated and not dry.

21. It’s only in the movies

myth vs real life 21 (1)

We’ve all seen it in movies, and sometimes in real life too, and we always think ” Wow! They just got that person’s heart back to life ” well, that’s not what happend. Defibrillators don’t restart hearts, and there is no way they can do that. In fact they are used when a person has irregular heart beating, or something in that nature and the defibrillator can use shock to get that beat in order.

Please note that once a heart has stopped beating completely, it can NOT be restarted.

22. Again, this popular thing only happens in movies. This is my favorite myth vs reality image

myth vs real life 22 (1)

You can’t knock someone out in seconds with Chloroform. The reality is that it takes a few minutes at least to get someone to pass out using Chloroform, and even when you do manage to get them out, it won’t last so long, once they breath regularly and the chemical gets out of their system, they will wake up.Usually after like 10 minutes.

23. Did we say it only happens in movies yet?

myth vs real life 23 (1)

Not sure about this one. I am pretty sure the technology today can trace someone’s phone very quickly. With cell tech being so advanced, I would actually call this NOT a myth

24. Not solve crimes

myth vs real life 24 (1)

Yeah, again, you watched too many movies. The forensics process only happens to collect evidence, they do not care how these evidence are used.

25. Don’t wait 24 hours if you have genuine concerns

myth vs real life 25 (1)

Yeah that just makes sense right? If you really belive someone is missing and something bad happend, call the police right away, there is no point in waiting, The longer you wait, the worse it could actually get if someone bad really happened to that person.

26. Because he’s mostly underwater trying to survive

lie vs reality 26 (1)

Maybe in the first could of minutes you could hear a drowning person, but once they get weak, you won’t hear them and usually the noise of the ocean or waves will not make it possible to hear anything. Use your eyes to figure out where they are.

27. Hitting two targets at once is really hard

lie vs reality 27 (1)

It’s very hard to aim with one gun, so trying to do it with two at the same time, very challenging.

28. You still fire a gunshot, so it’s loud. This myth is bull

lie vs reality 28 (1)

You still fire a gun, it won’t sound exactly like firing a gun without a silencer, but you will still hear it pretty good.

29. So don’t try this at home

lie vs reality 29 (1)

You would need a shot gun or a really big gun to break a lock with a shot. Also, the bullet might ricochet and it you instead. Please don’t do this.

30. That’s why you need to use hand signals

lie vs reality 30 (1)

It makes sense, when you fall from that altitude, and at that high speed, the wind will cause you to go deaf for a few minutes until you get back on the ground. That’s why skydivers use hand signals

31. Yeah, you can’t do that for reals. Another myth buster here

lie vs reality 31 (1)

It’s not that easy to pull a pin out of a grenade. Think about it, if it were so easy that you can pull it out with your teeth, it will be very dangerous as it might fall when you don’t expect it. Getting the pin out is not super hard, but it’s hard enough that you will probably break a few teeth if you try to it with your mouth. Just use your hands Rambo.

32. So you can actually cruise through

lie vs reality 32 (1)

So you can actually cruise through pretty easily and this is something that movies make to just look cooler.

33. Hours lost can’t be recovered

lie vs reality 33 (1)

While it’s true that loosing a lot of sleep regularly will be bad for you, however, if you lose some sleep at night and go to sleep early the next day, you can recover these lost hours and your brain will be just fine.

34. Don’t self medicate

lie vs reality 34 (1)

Even vitamins should be taken after consulting with your doctor. Don’t self medicate, even if it’s just vitamins.

35. When you’re dirty, take a shower, there is no rule

lie vs reality 35 (1)

People think that if you don’t wash every day you skin will be bad or something bad will happen. The reality is that you should wash your body when it’s dirty, if you sat at home all day, and you don’t stick, you can get away without a shower. don’t over think it.

36. Germs can travel a long way

false vs reality 36 (1)

Just turning your head when someone coughs won’t help you if what he has can travel through air. You should not be in the same room as them.

37. Twice a day, not after every meal

false vs reality 37 (1)

Brushing your teeth after every meal is done purely to get that fresh air smell and feeling, it doesn’t help your teeth be any more healthier compared to someone who brushes twice a day.

38. It’s better to stay active

false vs reality 38 (1)

You should for sure not sleep after eating as a regular thing. This will cause you to gain weight, in reality the best thing to do after eating is to be active.

39. Some germs are ok for us

false vs reality 39 (1)

Some germs are ok to humans, they build our immune system, so some are actually helpful. Don’t overthink this.

40. Who the hell thought of this myth vs reality thing

false vs reality 40 (1)

The way microwaves work is simply a way to heat up food faster, they do not break up atoms or molecules.

41. You should sleep 7-8 hours every day, no more, no less

false vs reality 41 (1)

You should not sleep more than 8 hours a day. Sleeping too much will not make you more alert, it will actually make you more tired and cause damage long term.

42. It’s better to just ease in to it

false vs reality 42 (1)

We use alarms when we have too, it’s not the best way in the world to wake up. The best way is to get up naturally. If you need to get up by a certain time, just go to bed early enough so that you can wake up naturally and still be on time as people will wake up naturally after around 7-8 hours of sleep.

43. Every other way will just hurt your back

false vs reality 43 (1)

You should really take care of your back. carrying too heavy things and not in a correct form or way will cause damage to your back and cause you pain.

44. Not all sunglasses are equal

myth vs reality 44 (1)

Not all glasses are the same. Make sure you get a high quality glasses to protect your eyes.

These myths vs truths really for me thinking about what is true and what not. Share with your friends to make them think for a change

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