41 Things I Learned From Life

Today is my 40th birthday. I have compiled a list of 41 things I learned from this life thus far, and I’m sharing it:

1. Every creation, if not motivated by an emotion – is meaningless.

2. Every action, if stemmed from anger, hate or revenge – will cause damage, in the short or long range.

3. Every action, if stemmed from affection, love, willingness to help, will be beneficial for you, in the short or long range.

4. It is impossible to bury fear. It is impossible to bury ego. If you do it, they will return, twice as large.

You *can* domesticate them, tame them, like you can tame a dog – to bark in command, or be quiet in command – but you can’t tame a dog to never bark.

5. There is no such thing as “perfect”.

6. The only way for you to accept yourself is when you understand that you are just as perfect as you are.

7. The last section conflicts with the one before it. It’s an unresolvable conflict. Stop thinking about it, it will drive you mad.

8. You are not “better” from “the others”; there are no “others” – you’re one of them.

9. It’s not just “yes” and “no”, “black” or “white. It’s *always* both.

10. Some people think that depression comes for low self esteem, or lack of ambition – on the contrary, it comes
from the absolute knowledge of how much potential you posses inside of you and how far are you in the physical reality from
fully manifesting it.

Ask Jim Morison, Amy Winehouse, Curt Cobain, Robin Williams, Chris Cornell…

11. Even the pope sometimes laughs from the sound of a fart.

12. The exact time for changing a routine is when you get used to it.

13. All women you were in relationship with are “fragments” of “the perfect woman” – chosen particles from the ideal “whole”, which doesn’t exist.

14.”I am doing” is much larger than “I am planning / thinking about / trying to”.

15. Your DNA and molecular structure is unique, one of a group of an almost infinite different combinations.

16. “Life” is not the sum of your possession, your fortune, it is not your achievements, your job, and even not your thoughts;

life is a combination of experiences; an experience is: moments of present in the context of “self”, it’s the sum of all
of your active senses absorbing in real time the being, processing inside your unique brain, feeling you with emotions.
What you will remember of life are: experiences and emotions.

17. Sleeping is never a waste of time.

18. Humor is the only emotional characteristic unique for human beings, and thus it is sacred.

There isn’t a more noble and humane way to change / point at / correct things than humor: satire, sketches, jokes.

19. Women are not “Disney princesses”.

20. “Society” and “Culture” are both your liberators and wardens.

21. It is important to be yourself. It is noble to be the kind of person that makes people feel like they can be themselves around him.

22. When things become serious in emails – attach a PDF.

23. Everyone are teachers. Treat anything you are taught with modesty, don’t automatically accept 100% of it,
test what’s suitable for you, what reflects in a “right way” inside your consciousness, aligns with the way
you see the world. Everyone are teachers.

So are you. When you’ve reached an understanding or control of a certain
subject – give some of your knowledge and experience to others. Have them inherit it, leave it for the next generations.

24. Just shut up and kiss her: https://textuploader.com/d9dws

25. There is no such thing as “something out of nothing”. The default is *everything* – we particularize from the everything,
particles that expresses us, our way – ideas, actions, thoughts. Like the color white, containing all the colors in the world,
and a prism, isolation selected colors from the spectrum.

26. There are 3 things a woman want and expects from a man:

The feeling she is safe and sound.
The feeling she is wanted and loved.
The feeling she is satisfied.

27. Being “an asshole”, can give people the illusion they reach achievements instantaneously, but it also leaves them with dozens of people
who will dedicate a considerable amount of time and resources to get back at whoever was an asshole to them.

28. Being nice might let you reach your goals a little slower, but will leave you with a large network of friends and associates
who will gladly lend you a hand and help you in any opportunity.

29. You can accomplish everything, with baby steps.

30. Don’t turture yourself if you sometimes feel a bit like an idiot. The truth is, you’re a bit like an idiot. Same as anyone else.

31. Try to be closer with those who enhances your flame, and less with those that cause it to go out.

32. Someone “babbling” about a subject you don’t find interesting? Ask him about another subject you know he’s passionate about
and that’s also interests you – he will immediately change subject, and will also feel good about having the opportunity to discusses something he likes.

33. Intensive emotions will give you inspiration, vision, will flood you with amazing ideas… but when it comes to
actual doing — they can also sometimes be a nuisance.

34. Most people will only truly understand you at about 20%; The ones who understands more than 50% will be your friends,
the ones who understand more than 80% will be your spouses.

35. Remember the moment, right before you are going to learn something new, establish new knowledge inside your consciousness.

When you are a little baby –
you experience this moment dozens of times in an hour, but the more you get older, the frequency of this moment will
be lower and lower, and become rarer and rarer, thus savor it, be aware to it, once it’s there – it will be hard to change it for something else.

36. Remember the moment, just before your experience a totally new experience, one that you never experienced before, clean
from any judgement and past memories.

When you’re a little baby, you experience it dozens of times in an hour,
but the more you get older – the frequency of this moment will become smaller and smaller, rarer and rarer, so savor it,
and be aware to it.

37. You can’t write about love without writing about the lack of it.

38. Nothing is “objective” in life. Everything is a matter of context of perspective. A person’s “depressing” thought, is
an happy thought for another.

A person’s “problem” is a “solution” for another. Even if two people will stand at exactly the same spot,
and look at the same object – each one of them will see something different, different size, different angle, different color.

Everyone gives their interpertations, according to their world view, their past experiences, the connections built-up inside
of their brain during their life, and the things that predated that exact moment.

39. Every “problem” has a solution. Sometimes it’s not the “obvious solution”, and it’s not the one you thought about –
so, don’t get “stuck” on any single solution, allow yourself to be open and flexible.

40. The only person who can, maybe, prevent you from reaching your ultimate, highest sense of self – is you.

41. As much as a thought has the ability to create a reality, it is also powerful enough to destroy it.

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