41 Book Lover Memes Only People Who Love Books More Than People Understand

Books, what more can we say about them. This post of 54 funny book lover memes will try and shed some light on what it means to be a book lover.

You see for people who don’t like to read, people who consume at least one book per month look weird, they call us nerds, book worms and whatnot, but they fail to understand that books enrich the spirit and mind, making us smarter and stronger and sometimes a good book can even change your life completely.

The power of the word is well known to educated people, so we try to consume as much as we can during our life time. If you’re not that person, you will never understand.

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Book lover memes #1 When you have too much books to read but there’s a sale…

2. I hate when people talk to me while I’m reading

book lover memes 2 (1)

3. Solid point, let’s buy 2 books just in case

book lover puns 3 (1)

4. LOL, books are life to some people

book lover puns 4 (1)

5. We should all read more books, it’s not a bad thing

book lover puns 5 (1)

6. LMAO! This is me after reading a long book

book lover puns 6 (1)

7. ” You’re in for a world of pain “

book lover puns 7 (1)

8. Book memes at it’s best

book lover pics 8 (1)

9. Book reading is so relaxing…

book lover pics 9 (1)

10. Yeah, let’s keep telling ourselves that

book lover pics 10 (1)

11. When you read so many books you already know what’s going to happen 20 pages in advance

book lover pics 11 (1)

12. Reading during the late hours of the night is the best

book lover pics 12 (1)

13. Try and focus on one book at a time.

book memes 13 (1)

14. Like a child in a candy store

book memes 14 (1)

15. What are you trying to pull here, either read them or give them away

book memes 15 (1)

16. Favorite place in the world. The Book Store

book memes 16 (1)

17. Only true book worms will understand this funny book meme

book memes 17 (1)

18. Never trust best sellers, it’s all a lie

book worm memes 18 (1)

19. Reading the same 3 sentences over and over because of a douche bag keeps interrupting you.

book worm memes 19 (1)

20. Sleep is for weak people.

book worm memes 20 (1)

21. Like the great heroes before you, you either get a book, or die there.

book worm memes 21 (1)

22. Best moment of my life and my favorite of all the book lover memes

book worm memes 22 (1)

23. I love me a long book, keeps me up at nights

book lover images 23 (1)

24. This is everything i need – No hate

book lover images 24 (1)

25. Did you just sang that song in your head?

book lover images 25 (1)

26. Books have this way of impacting you for a long time

book lover images 26 (1)

27. Well played book store, well played

book lover images 27 (1)

28. This is important to some people, while some like to cut to the chase.

reading books memes 28 (1)

29. When a book really got you going

reading books memes 29 (1)

30. Your mind is much more creative than a movie

reading books memes 30 (1)

31. It’s also similar when you sit next to your laptop for  a long time

reading books memes 31 (1)

32. Just take it! Take it now

reading books memes 32 (1)

33. Spam before the internet

book lover funny jokes 33 (1)

34. Can’t you see by my face I want to be alone with my book?!

book lover funny jokes 34 (1)

35. Second rule of book club, YOU DON”T TALK ABOUT BOOK CLUB

book lover funny jokes 35 (1)

36. This list of book lover memes just keeps getting better and better

book lover funny jokes 36 (1)

37. The emotional state after finishing a good book

book lover funny jokes 37 (1)

38. Why do I need my job anyway?

book lover funny jokes 38 (1)

39. LOL. Such a stupid show

book lover funny jokes 39 (1)

40. The best kind of humor if you ask me

book lover memes 40 (1)

41. When you can’t tell the difference between the book world and the real world anymore

book lover memes 41 (1)

After reading all these hilarious book lover puns, don’t you just want to leave your computer/smartphone and go finish that book? Go on then, GET TO IT.

42. Ruining the movie because i’ve read the book before

43. That’s dirty I know, but it’s true


45. It’s hard when a book character dies

46. I feel so betrayed

47. Try and stop me from getting into that book store! I dare you

48. I choose you all too.

49. Getting lost in a good book

50. My super power is I can read books in the dark

51. A good book and hot tea, that’s a hot date

52. Always happens, you can’t just get 1 book from the book store. Just can’t

53. A fictional guy is my perfect guy

54. What book are you from if you’re so perfect

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