40 Funny Apologies That are Worthy of an Oscar or Academy Award

Saying sorry or aplogising is not always an easy thing. Luckily for you, we have come up with these funny apologies to make it easier for you by putting a lighter spin on things.

Some people use humor as medicine or as a way to overcome hard things, like breaking the ice, picking up girls or guys, and yes, also to just apologise.

Usually an apology should consist of the person acknowledging they have done something wrong, explaining why they did it and ending it with an apology and assuring it will never happen again ( Kids usually get this part wrong ).

Nailing the perfect apology that will be both honest, sincere and get the message across is an art form, some people are masters of the apology, some are not so much. Use this list of the funniest apologies as a guide to nail it down, and hopefully, you will not need to use it after the first time.

List of funny apologies that should win an award

You will find a gold one in here for sure and you will thank us later.

1. I am sorry you broke your toe on the couch that didn’t move for 10 years

2. The hardest thing to do is admitting I was right

3. I was just trying to flirt yo

4. Sorry you need to try so hard to be pretty and I’m not.

funny apologies card

5. Sorry to hear that day light saving is the only saving you have

6. I am sorry for throwing your alarm/ iPhone out the window.

7. Truth always hurt dude.

8. I will do my best to hide how much you annoy me

9. Are you still mad?

10. Sorry we are always fighting about stuff you are totally wrong about

funny apologies card

11. Your phone is the old phone the second you get it

12. Wait, am I the idiot?! I honestly can’t tell anymore

13. It’s an official letter, I checked this out and it checks out

14. Sorry I am too smart for you honey.

funny apologies card

15. Apologizing in advance to people you have not yet offended. Gold move.

16. Sorry I have feelings. You know, let’s make that crap go away too

17. I am a VIP, you’re just my. oh forget it.

funny apologies card

18. Please stay on the line while someone who cares will pick up

19. I don’t want to be wrong too, so let’s not agree on this one

20. I am terrible at apologising – so here’s that

funny apologies card

21. Are you feeling old yet? Give it a minute

22. This seems kinda harsh, but I guess sometimes you need it

23. I was just being myself. Sorry for that!

24. What’s your imaginary crisis of the day?

funny apologies card

25. Just apologise. Use these funny apologise notes instead of making stuff up

26. I couldn’t decide which face to slap first

27. Sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all. This is one of these times

28. Sorry to hear your poor party was pretty bad

29. I apologize for being a tit

funny apologies card

30. I am sorry I was weird on social media. Drunk weird


31. Just text it babe, no need for words

32. I should have pretended better to like you

33. When I am hungry, don’t hold it against me

funny apologies card

34. Sorry I couldn’t come up with a more in depth plot to not going out tonight

35. I accept apologies in the form of candy, chocolate is better

36. Sorry I made up the fact I am a great cook

funny apologies card

37. One day you will look back at this and still be kinda mad about me

funny apology card

38. Sorry I preferred to live my life instead of coming to work which I hate

39. Sorry you hate your job and angry you miss your train to a job you hate

40. Sorry you didn’t notice I was eating alone on purpose

funny apology card

If you gained value from this list, or even just a quick laugh, please also check out these I’m sorry cakes that look so good you can’t be angry.

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