35 Samuel L Jackson Memes That You Shouldn’t Miss

These Samuel L Jackson memes are like fine wine, they get better with age, just like the actor himself. Is there any wonder we wanted to write about him? No, no wonder.

Many actors are well-liked and can be considered iconic, but nobody has the mix of charisma, respect, and personality quite like Samuel L Jackson. 

Most people recognize him as Nick Fury from the Marvel movies. Others might even know him for saying the curse words “mother f***er” all the time. Apart from that, there are many reasons why he’s actually pretty awesome: 

He’s a great actor

It goes without saying that Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor. His movies almost always make a ton of money, and this makes sense considering he is the highest-grossing actor in Hollywood.

Whether he’s playing Nick Fury in Marvel movies or spitting out great lines in Tarantino films, he’s one of the most versatile actors around.

He was a late bloomer

He may be rich and famous now, but Samuel L. Jackson joined the movie scene quite late. Although he appeared in several minor roles during the 1970s, it wasn’t until 1994 when he appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction that the actor really started to become a household name in Hollywood.

He was already 46 years old at the time, but he really made quite an impression as the role earned him an Oscar nomination. And the rest, as they say, is history.

He’s a huge golf fan

Rumor has it that Samuel L. Jackson insists on having a clause in his movie contracts that allows him easy access to golf courses, no matter where the movie is being shot.

He revealed that he is as passionate about golf as he is about acting, saying that he enjoys playing it whether he is good or bad at the sport.

He’s an advocate for Alzheimer’s Disease

Samuel L. Jackson is also an advocate for Alzheimer’s Disease. Several members of his family have had the disease, including his mother, grandfather, uncle, and aunt. He has been involved with the cause since 2012, partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association to raise more awareness and present creative ideas to raise money.

He almost didn’t become an actor

Samuel L. Jackson might seem like a well-spoken actor now, but he actually suffered from a bad stutter in his youth! Part of his speech therapy was a challenge to audition for a play.

Apparently, Jackson enjoyed it so much that he changed his major to focus on acting. Now he delivers iconic movie quotes left and right without so much as a stutter!

He isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants

One of the things Jackson is most famous for is playing Jedi Master Mace Windu on Star Wars. Some moviegoers have wondered why he is the only Jedi that has a purple lightsaber since lightsabers are typically just green and red.

The reason isn’t actually that deep; it’s because the actor insisted on having a purple lightsaber! This shows that he isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants. 

Now that you can appreciate why Samuel L. Jackson is an awesome actor, celebrity, and all-around person, here are a few of the funniest memes that have appeared thanks to his iconic presence:

Samuel L Jackson meme list 

1. In the time that Jules ( Samuel L. Jackson’s character ) takes to finish the Sprite, it will all be over for the one who’s lying.

via Pinterest

2. If Jackson was a celebrity endorser for a fragrance, this would be the perfect campaign photo and caption!

via Bossip

3. Girls sure don’t love me – they don’t even blink!

via Tumblr

4. This is what the 17% of people who don’t blink look like. 

via Meme Droid

5. Harry Potter but every line is in the style of Samuel L. Jackson.

via iFunny

6. Nobody should give Samuel L. Jackson any attitude if he’s your boss!

via Imgflip

7. Laurence Fishburne is not Samuel Jackson!

via News 24

8. Here’s how to paint a picture like Samuel.

via Imgflip

9. Nobody is interested in the owner, just the pet dog, thank you very much!

via Make a Meme

10. If you can see who blocks you on Facebook, it would be way more useful!

via Facebook

11. Palpatine’s favorite word is obviously “treason,” but Jules isn’t having any of it.

via Imgflip

12. Samsung Sam who? We’re here for Jackson.

via Reddit

13. Nobody cares if it was on TikTok, and nobody asked!

via Reddit

14. Everybody loves a good Samuel L. Jackson movie. 

via Quickmeme

15. Now it’s just a staring contest between you and the ghost.

via 9gag

16. Having Samuel L. Jackson’s voice for Alexa would give you the most entertaining smart speaker ever!

via Ah See It

17. The periodic table of elements, Samuel style.

via Red Bubble

18. If Samuel L. Jackson were a cat, this is probably what he would look like. 

via Just Post

19. Do you even know how to use Google?!

via Quickmeme

20. Everybody should celebrate Juneteenth! 

via Humor Nama

21. Cats know what they did wrong and they’ll stare at you just like he does to prove that they aren’t afraid!

via Stare Cat

22. Girls at the club don’t really see attractive guys, just creepy-looking ones most of the time.

via eBaum’s World

23. Grandma doesn’t seem to remember asking you anything!

via Reddit

24. Does Marcellus Wallace look like this? We didn’t think so! ( If you don’t get this reference, then it’s time to watch Pulp Fiction ).

via Cheezburger

25. If scary stare Samuel L. Jackson were a dog – too accurate!

via iFunny

26. Wine snobs never shut up about this one wine that they tried.

via Blog Your Wine

27. People who like to say “what” beware!

via Imgflip

28. Everybody started the pandemic looking nice and spruced up on Zoom, only to look like this now.

via Facebook

29. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s patients don’t remember much.

via 9gag

30. Thanks to Mace Windu, we now have plenty of lightsaber lore to get through.

via Twitter

31. Samuel Michael Jackson is going to do other mother**ckin hee-hee!

via Meme Droid

32. Left Samuel vs. Right Samuel.

via iFunny

33. Mace Windu’s not budging from his decision, and only Samuel L. Jackson can deliver the lines this perfectly.

via Reddit

34. Looks like this road project is run by Samuel L. Jackson.

via iFunny

35. I can see you, don’t think I can’t.

via Facebook

Samuel L. Jackson will continue to go down as one of the most memorable actors in history. 

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