35 Funny Fish Pictures That’ll Have You Bubbling with Laughter

Fish. This is a creature we never really bother to think about – unless we are having a delicious meal made out of it during dinnertime! 

But these animals are actually quite fascinating. When you pause to think about how many species of fish are living underneath our oceans, it can spark a bit of curiosity and wonder.

Fish fun facts

There are so many things we don’t know about fish, but there are some pretty interesting facts about these sea animals. 

They are social and build friendships

Believe it or not, fish are very social creatures, so much so that they place an emphasis on their public life and reputation! Fish are able to recognize and remember other fish.

They also build complex social networks under the sea. Fish can even tell when they are being observed by others and change their behavior accordingly.

Apart from this, fish nurture their friendships and show affection, and they also have many amazing ways to communicate. In the same way that birds sing to each other, fish chirp to call to each other. 

Fish have great memories

Contrary to popular belief, fish actually have pretty good memories. The myth of the goldfish brain doesn’t hold true for all fish.

Some species of fish have been shown to recognize and remember people that give them food as a reward. Cleaner fish can even remember the “clients” they clean, which can be as many as 100 fish.

In turn, the client fish remember who their cleaner is! Fish can even remember musical tunes, returning when the same music was played at sea. Fascinating, huh?

Fish are excellent learners

Fish are more intelligent than we think. They can learn how to build nests, use tools, and catch food in clever ways.

They even line their burrows with coral to strengthen the overall structure of their home. Some fish are even known to steal other fish’s beds if they like the look of it!

Funny fish pictures

So, as it turns out, fish are kind of cool! They’re also some of the most hilarious animals around. Here are some of the funniest fish pictures you’ll see around.

1. POV: Your child is waiting for you to say yes.

via Soundcloud

2. We wouldn’t be surprised if this fish can hide food in its cheek pouches just like a hamster does.

via Wallpapers

3. We’re not sure who made this fish sad, but there’s no hiding how it feels!

via Pinterest

4. This is aptly named the blobfish, and it’s incredible to think that a fish like this actually exists.

via Soundcloud

5. Looks like this fish found someone’s dentures!

via Twitter

6. POV: He leans in for a kiss.

via Clipart Library

7. This fish looks like he’s using his big brain to call out to a friend. We can almost hear his voice all the way from here.

via Live Science

8. Is this what they call a catfish?

via PX Fuel

9. This fish looks like it just heard a bunch of crazy gossip!

via My Pets Name

10. With cheeks like this, this fish will have no trouble floating up to the surface.

via Puppies Are Prozac

11. This pufferfish looks like it’s in total shock.

via Twitter

12. Nothing says cool like this fish wearing shades.

via Deposit Photos

13. Ooooh!

via Pond 5

14. It’s funny that a fish has teeth like this, but it’s also just a bit creepy.

via Mandatory

15. Looks like this fish took one too many sleeping pills.

via Twitter

16. This fish is totally done with everybody, including this human who has fished him out of the water.

via Huffington Post

17. Time to floss those pearly whites!

via Twitter

18. “He did what?!”

via Flickr

19. Nothing is funnier than a cross-eyed fish!

via Pet Keen

20. *Visible shock*

via Pinterest

21. “Come at me, bro! I dare you!”

via Finders Free

22. This fish’s fangs are straight up what nightmares are made of.

via Sunny Skyz

23. This fish looks like a very disgruntled customer with a big complaint.

via Daily Telegraph

24. This fish is just your typical neighbor who loves to complain about everything.

via CS Monitor

25. “Your manager will hear about this!”

via Herald Sun

26. This fish looks just like girls when they put on mascara and open their mouths.

via Reddit

27. Listen to the song of our people!

via Imgflip

28. This fish looks like he’s yelling “Bob!!!”

via Reddit

29. The look of disappointment on this fish’s face is something else.

via Twitter

30. “Oooh, shiny!”

via Pinterest

31. Why the long face?

via CBS News

32. Nobody can quite match this fish’s classic red pout. Mwah!

via Twitter

33. This fish will sniff you out, so you better not be hiding anything!

via Twitter

34. If you saw something like this on a dive, guaranteed you’ll want to get out of the water as fast as possible!

via Pinterest

35. This fish is not just angry, he’s very angry!

via Salon

At the end of the day, fish are always gonna look hilarious while being some of the most fascinating species of animal on the planet. If you liked our funny fishy humor, then be sure to check out this one about the most unique aquariums in the world

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