35 Funny Crocs Memes That Will Make You Never Wear Them Again

There’s a reason there are so many funny Crocs memes online, the relationship between people and the shoes were always a hit or miss right when they came out.

Many people are used to wearing Crocs, which are typically regarded as very comfortable shoes. It may or may not surprise you, then, that they are perhaps as hated as they are loved. Because of these opposing opinions, people have searched “Why do people hate Crocs” quite often online. 

In fact, a whole bunch of memes has been created just to make fun of Crocs! So why do people hate them so much? Here are a few reasons:

Why Do People Hate Crocs?

There are several reasons why people hate Crocs so much. Here’s what topped our list:

  • They’re ugly
  • They give you foot sweat
  • Can’t wear them for events
  • Overprice
  • Give you blisters

They’re ugly

Many people despise Crocs because of the way they look. It is not difficult to see why some people think these shoes are disgusting. They are not very flattering, and they don’t match most outfits. 

They give you foot sweat and smelly feet

Wearers of Crocs are doomed to have foul-smelling feet all day due to the rubbery material used to make the shoe. They are rubbery, which creates horrible foot sweat and, as a result, smelly feet.

They are not fit for many settings and occasions 

The fact that Crocs are inappropriate for some activities is one of the things that make people dislike them. Crocs are not good for running or hiking, and heaven forbid they are ever used in professional settings. Many people think Crocs are quite useless because they can’t be worn anywhere.

They can give you blisters

Other people detest wearing Crocs because of the potential harm they can do to one’s feet. Blisters can develop if Crocs are worn for an extended period of time.

This is why it is not recommended to take long walks while wearing Crocs since you can end up with a high level of discomfort. Many people who have blistered thanks to Crocs have stopped wearing them – they just aren’t worth the risk and pain.

They are overpriced

One would assume that Crocs would be reasonably priced considering how poorly they are built. Wrong. It’s absurdly expensive to buy Crocs. Consumers pay more than $34 for two pieces of plastic, and even more for “special” shoe versions.

Given all of these reasons, it’s time to make fun of Crocs some more. If you own a pair of Crocs, we’re sorry, but it’s time for them to go! Here are 35 funny Crocs memes for you to enjoy:

List of funny Crocs memes

1. Lesson learned: if you’re going to be walking around during summer, don’t wear Crocs!

via Meme Droid

2. Having swag is doubtful with these on, but if it makes you feel cool, then go ahead and wear your Crocs with confidence.

via Cheezburger

3. Nobody cross this guy – he’s got a gloc on a Croc!

via Reddit

4. This use of Crocs shoes gives a whole new meaning to crock pot, and we’re not sure if we like it. 

via Ruin My Week

5. No matter which way you put it, Crocs will always be ugly — holes or no holes.

via Reddit

6. How can anybody be attracted to this monstrosity? Camping Crocs are a whole new level of hideous that we were never meant to see on anybody’s feet.

via Shut Up and Take My Money

7. As much as The Rock’s name rhymes with “Crocs,” it still won’t make these shoes cool enough to wear around.

via Imgflip

8. The same rule above applies to “Barcroc Obama.” It just won’t work, Croc lovers!

via Imgflip

9. This might be a more accurate depiction of what happens when you wear Crocs: you lose just a little bit of dignity, especially in the fashion department.

via Straatosphere

10. If your partner also loves Crocs, then you can just tell them that they “Croc” your world.

via Red Bubble

11. When you stop trying, the Crocs just come out of hiding.

via Quick Meme

12. When you’re conflicted about staying comfortable and impressing the next-door neighbor, you can wear Croc heels. However, we can’t guarantee that this will work!

via Imgflip

13. Socks are probably a good idea for Crocs, but the little accessory in the back just crosses a certain line.

via Memedroid

14. We don’t know what’s more hideous: regular Crocs or lobster Crocs.

via 9gag

15. Everybody knows Croc wearers mean business when the sports mode strap comes on.

via Know Your Meme

16. Beware: this is what happens to your feet when you wear Crocs for too long!

via America’s Best Pics

17. Croc wearers are showing something else off in the club, and the crowd ain’t ready for it!

via Pinterest

18. Pop Tarts? There’s something even better: Croc Tarts!

via Imgflip

19. This is nature’s finest moment as the Croc comes back to its natural source. 

via Ruin My Week

20. You can never drown out a Croc shoe. They will live on forever, and we will have to see their ugliness for the rest of our days.

via Meme Base

21. Do cowboys wear Crocs, you may ask? Well, no, but they do wear Croots. 

via Memedroid

22. The only way Crocs would ever look cute is if a cat wore them on its little paws!

via Memedroid

23. Chris Croc, anybody?

via Mouth Porn

24. Nobody ever said, “Wow I love your shoes!” to anyone wearing Crocs.

via Straatosphere

25. It’s the Crocs that make a man sexy!

via 9gag

26. Crocs aren’t just for your feet. Introducing Hand Crocs: 

via Red Bubble

27. The only thing that will make a pair of Crocs even more comfortable is some spaghetti and meatballs and socks. 

via Tumblr

28. Lightning McQueen Crocs are sexy – or are they?

via Facebook

29. Here’s another guy who needs his swag to breathe by using Crocs. Okay, buddy. You do you.

via Tumblr Gallery

30. Who would’ve thought that famous killer Jason would love Crocs? 

via Meme Arsenal

31. If you want a total abomination of a shoe, here’s a pair of rainbow fuzzy Crocs for your viewing displeasure.

via Reddit

32. What will make Crocs even better? A collaboration with Dr. Martens. Just kidding, they’re still horrible.

via Reddit

33. Girl with hot pink Croc heels meets boy with spiky goth Crocs — a match made in heaven.

via Know Your Meme

34. Brides must find it difficult to walk down the aisle in heels. Crocs has a solution for that: the wedding Croc!

via Pinterest

35. Nothing says “I’m a true outdoorsman!” like a pair of Crocs!

via Straatosphere

We’ve made enough fun of Crocs for now. As much as people hate how they look, they’re still an incredibly popular brand that many adults and kids wear because of their comfort and casual style. And that will forever make it an icon – good or bad – in today’s fashion.

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