34 Vegetable Puns That Are So Smart They Can’t Be Just Food

Funny fruit and vegetable puns! Yes, that’s a thing and here is a huge collection for you to enjoy them. The funniest among fruit and vegetable puns on the Internet are in front of you, so you can quickly decide if you are a fan or not.

If you still can’t make up your mind just keep scrolling. The list is long enough to clear everything up for you when it comes to funny fruit puns.

Pun articles are getting more popular in recent years over the internet and we too shared a few posts about the subject like the funny skeleton puns post a while back and many other good ones.

1. Be gentle, “mush room” or not. – the first on the vegetable puns list.

2. Lol! “Iceberg”, indeed.

vegetable puns 3

3. “Melonchonly” can happen to anyone…

fruit puns 4

4. I love you from my heart…or

fruit puns 5

5. Lettuce turnip the beet

fruit puns 6

6. What do you Yam?

fruit puns 7

7. The best funny fruit (vegetable) pun so far!

fruit puns 8

8. Lettuce knows

fruit puns 9

9. Micheal Jackson once said…

fruit puns 10

10. This is a classic vegetable pun!

fruit puns 11

11. What does a nosey pepper do?

fruit puns 12

12. Do you find bananas “appeeling”?

fruit puns 13

13. Grape job!

vegetable memes 14

14. But Honeydew…

vegetable memes 15

15. Oooh… sweet beans…

vegetable memes 16

16. You can’t argue with this one

vegetable memes 17

17. Is this “kaleing” you too?

vegetable memes 18

18. Lol! Great vegetable pun!

vegetable memes 19

19. How does “Barakoli” look like?

vegetable memes 20

20. Fresh new pear of Jordans

vegetable memes 21

21. MELONcholy is quite often, I guess…

vegetable memes 22

22. A “pearfect” couple!

vegetable memes 23

23. Elvis Parsley, lol!

vegetable memes 24

24. This is just too much! Great fruit pun!

vegetable jokes 25

25. It’s not difficult to keep the “pease” on earth

vegetable jokes 26

26. That’s way to go little carrot!

vegetable jokes 27

27. “Irrelephant” arguments

vegetable jokes 28

28. I miss you “berry” much!

vegetable jokes 29

29. Turn up the “beet”!

vegetable jokes 30

30. Please, lettuce know

vegetable jokes 31

31. I have bean thinking of you – kisses

vegetable jokes 32

32. I’m just feeling a bit meloncholy lately

vegetable jokes 33

33. I’m so lucky to have you, we make a pearfect couple – LOL

vegetable puns 34

34. That’s a cruel world…

vegetable puns

Broccoli puns

35. You brock!

36. Did you know that Broccolies love to listen to Brock n Roll the most?

37. Wanted to get Broccoli for a side with my lunch, but the waitress said they are out of stalk

38. Why the carrot tried to cheer up the broccoli? Because it was feeling melon-ccoli

39. A Broccoli and tomato rob a bank, when the tomato got in the getaway car it screamed ” Floret! “

Tomato Puns

40. I just came here to say that I love you from my head to-ma-toes

41. Don’t get saucy with me! Is what the pizza said to the tomato

42. Can I ask if it really “mater? “

43. Why did tomato stay at work after hours? To ketchup on some work

44. Is it lost? Is it to-mate to say sorry? LOL

45. You love pizza so much it means the world to you? It means the world to-ma-to

Lettuce puns

46. Please let’s not fight, lettuce remain friends I beg you

47. Did you see that? I can’t bea-leaf this!

48. The old saying is that it romaines a mystery

49. Are you having fun yet? Lettuce entertain you

50. Why does the head of the lettuce gets all dressed up for? Because it was getting ready for a romainetic dinner

Carrot puns

51. I love sports as a carrot because I love rooting for my home team

52. Snowman got caught in an unfortunate situation infront of a lot of carrots, why? It was picking his nose.

53. I do NOT carrot at all!

54. A carrot went to the hair salon, why? It roots were showing and needed some work

55. A carrot favorite movie? While the carrot-kid for sure

Corn puns

56. You didn’t win the standup contest because your jokes were too corny!

57. The highest level for an er of corn in the military? A kernel

58. The favorite animal of a corn? A unicorn obviously

59. I don’t make plans, I like to play things by ear

Bean puns

60. Thank you for beaning a friend

61. Bean there – done that

62. I’ve been thinking about you, you’ve bean on my mind a lot lately.

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