32 Help I Accidentally Memes That Should Not be Shared Online

The help I accidentally memes were born from real people that just wanted some help for the search engines and it back fired on them hilariously.

Everyone at least once Googled ” help I accidentally ” and then the auto completes function on the search engine just filled in the blanks with mostly unrelated or weird terms right? I bet it happened to you too.

Here’s how it works: 

You browse to Google because you need help with something specific. So you casually start writing ” Help I accidentally….” and then the auto completes feature kicks in and suggests a few options to you based on what other people searched for.

And this is where things can get funny, or just plain weird. People search for the weirdest things online, like how can someone accidentally join the Italian Mafia, did he trip and fell into a mobster?

You got the idea, below are some of the funniest I accidentally Google help searches that people actually did, so you can figure out how weird people are and maybe next time think for a second before typing that search you think is perfectly normal but maybe really not

Best Help I Accidentally Memes List

1. Oh no, not this again, quick! Search for something else

2. Give it back! You always do that.

3. I always build shrines while watching the Shrek movie, don’t you?

4. WHAT? This technology doesn’t exist yet

5. I accidentally built a shelf, now what do I do

6. At this point, this cat has a better idea than me

7. Ok, now google how to get rid of him

8. People are weird, why do they look for such things

9. Invaded Poland, I bet this was searched in a very specific part of the world, without mentioning any names or places. Wink

10. I guess it’s a very popular song, I never heard of it

11. That’s amazing! Now build me a 4 bedroom house please

12. No, there are no accidents when it comes to pets

13. That’s not physically possible – so I don’t believe you

14. What was your campaign message? Maybe I needed to vote for you

15. And now I’m a horse, thank you very much!

16. And in this reality cats run the government and everything is surprisingly better

17. This happened to everyone, nothing to do but swallow your pride and move on

18. Again? So this is a daily thing?

19. So maybe now expect to do something good in the world

20. No shame, everyone does it at least once

21. What? How do you even know what it is.

22. So what are you waiting for, accidentally get in my burger

23. Why a peanut worship cult, sounds delicious

24. I think you are wrong, because I am not dead

25. I said it already, NO! When it comes to pet there are no accidents

26. Someone call the cops. We have an accidental criminal here

27. You asked for its name before eating it!!??

28. I out pizza the hut all the time – it’s great

29. Next you should learn how to breathe

30. Now accidentally finish a degree, earn a million dollars and retire

31. It was you! I knew it!

32. OK, weird, but now teleport some hotdogs and ketchup please

So I hope by now you get that when you google help I accidentally it’s going to be out there for sites like us to pick it up and turn it into a meme. And if you liked this post, you can also read this one about hilarious things to ask Siri when bored

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