32 Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Most of us would love a chance to sleep for as long as we like. There’s nothing quite like sleeping in or taking a nap without any interruptions. However, you’ve probably felt the unpleasant experience of being woken up by surprise. You may have even been victim to a wake-up prank! This can be highly annoying to the sleeper, but it is hilarious to the one doing the waking.

If you have nothing better to do, then you might want to consider fun ways to wake somebody up. Be sure to do this at your own risk; making someone you do not know well your victim could end badly. But if you’re close to friends and family, then this can create memories you’ll look back on and laugh at. Here are…

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

1. Use an alarm clock… or 10

Source: The New York Times

There’s nothing more annoying than your alarm clock going off in the morning. For your entertainment, gather several alarm clocks that will wake a person up. You can set them all at the same time or at different times throughout the night — the choice is up to you. What can make this extra fun is hiding the clocks so the person has to get out of bed to find them.

2. Place pepper near their nose

Source: Hubert

This is a classic way to get a laugh from waking someone up. Use a pepper shaker and place it under the nose of your sleeping companion. They’ll wake up sneezing for a while.

3. Beat them up

Source: Healthline

True friends aren’t afraid to rough each other up sometimes. This is a straightforward and funny wake of waking somebody up. Without warning, just start beating them up. Do it lightly enough that they won’t get hurt, but make sure it’s hard enough to annoy them. However, do be prepared for retaliatory kicking!

4. Stinky socks

Source: Listaka

This is one of the funniest ways to wake someone up. Please find a way to hang your friend’s stinky, unwashed socks in front of their nose while they’re asleep. Then, wait for their reaction and get ready to laugh.

5. Classic makeover

Source: YouTube

One of the classic pranks to play on sleeping people is the makeover. Using a marker or lipstick, draw all over their face while they’re asleep. This trick may be old and overused, but it is never outdated. Be careful to draw gently so as not to wake your friend up until your masterpiece is complete!

6. Use bubble wrap

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Modern Roofing Center

If your friend is a deep sleeper, then this prank is perfect. As they move around in their sleep, replace parts of their blanket with bubble wrap. Soon you’ll have someone completely covered in it. Get ready to watch their reaction upon waking surrounded by bubble wrap without a clue how it happened!

7. Just add water

Source: Food Network

Water is one of the best weapons to wake somebody up. It’s extremely simple, but it’s still annoying. You can choose anything you like here; the options are endless. But, whether you use a squirt gun, a bucket of cold water, or some ice, the person you’re waking up will surely be annoyed!

8. Do an exorcism

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Quick Meme

This way of waking someone up works best if you know they’re easily spooked! To have fun with your superstitious friend, hire an actor who can pretend to be a priest. Set up the room to look like an exorcism is taking place. Wait for your friend, partner, or roommate to wake up confused and scared and get ready to laugh!

9. Singing in the bathroom

Source: 24 Life

Are you a frustrated singer? Now is the perfect time to put your talents to the test. Use a plugged-in microphone or even a megaphone and start singing as loudly as you can. We can guarantee that your sleeping companion will run out of their room annoyed at your beautiful voice.

10. Hiding speakers

Source: Net Doctor

This is similar to the alarm clock prank, but you use speakers instead. Get a loud Bluetooth speaker and place it in a hidden area of the room. Then, in the middle of the night, play a horror sound and increase the volume. You’ll end up scaring whoever is sleeping!

11. Raise a false alarm

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: The Duster Today

This is a bold move, but activating the fire alarm is a sure way to wake someone up. Use your acting skills and run around screaming in a panic to make it more realistic. Before doing this, remember to think of a way to calm your neighbors down; you might wake them too!

12. Mummification

Source: YouTube

Extra rolls of toilet paper and a deep sleeper are a sure combination for a hilarious time. Carefully wrap your friend in the toilet roll. It will be like a scene out of The Mummy when they get up!

13. Dog party

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: ABC News

It might be a dream for someone to wake up with a dog by their side. However, having several dogs on your bed would be absolute chaos! So instead, you can pay a dog walker to borrow their pups for several hours. Then, spread the treats all over the bed, and watch your companion wake up to a dozen dogs licking and scratching them.

14. Start tap dancing

Source: Facebook

Tap shoes are fun, but they are also annoying when used excessively. You can buy or rent a pair and learn some basic tap moves. Then, walk into your friend’s room in the middle of the night to irritate them and get a few laughs.

15. Bleach their hair

Source: YouTube

This activity involves real mischief-making, so you have to do it with absolute conviction. Using a packet of bleach and developer, apply it to the sleeping person’s hair. By the time they wake up, their hair color will have changed entirely to blonde!

16. Pop a balloon

Source: Science ABC

Another funny way you can wake your friends up is by using a balloon. Fill it up with ice-cold water and pop it right above their head — this is sure to break their deep sleep! While you’re at it, use party poppers to complete the surprise. It might take them a few seconds to realize what just happened, but it’ll be worth it for you to see their reaction.

17. Say their boss is calling

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: iStock

This is another common prank played by friends. Getting a phone call from your boss or parents is a serious matter, regardless of what time it is in the day. You can try waking your friend and telling them that their boss has been trying to reach them. Worse, you can even pretend that your friend’s boss or parents are on the way! That will surely get your friend out of bed and let the hilarity ensue.

18. Food paintball

Source: Today I Found Out

This is one of the messiest ways of waking someone up on this list, so be warned! Taking a bunch of tomatoes and throwing them everywhere is not for everyone. But if you’re in the mood for simple, plain fun, it’s the best way to wake a sleeping friend. Just prepare to run away once they’re awake!

19. Jumping over them

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: My iSense

Jumping over someone repeatedly is one of the most fun ways to wake them up. They might be in a lousy mood initially, but soon they may even want to join in on the fun!

20. Pretend there’s an earthquake

Source: Flexispot

Earthquakes are terrifying events. However, they can be a funny way of waking somebody up if you’re a prankster. The best way to simulate an earthquake is to hide under or beside the bed. Then, in intervals that increase in intensity, shake the bed until your friend jumps out.

21. A super tight hug

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Adventist Health

One of the best ways to wake up is to be hugged by someone. In this case, it can also be the most annoying. If you are trying to wake up your partner, sibling, or parent, you can hug them so tightly that they will have trouble breathing. This can lead to some pretty funny results when they wake up.

22. Tickle attack

Source: RD

The tickle attack is a classic way to wake someone up. Of course, this works best if several of you will be doing the tickling. Watch out for any possible retaliatory kicks and punches, though!

23. Change the temperature

Source: The Sideline View

Waking up due to extremely hot or cold temperatures is uncomfortable. It can also be funny, depending on your perspective. During the colder months, remove the sleeping person’s blanket slowly. Turn the AC down to the lowest level. It is guaranteed that the person will wake up shivering — pure entertainment for you!

24. Cream

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Jukin Media

If your companion loves cream in their morning coffee, then this way of waking up can help them out. Using a nice, rich dollop of cream, smear it on their face while they’re sleeping. Don’t forget to run for your life afterward!

25. Pull feet

Source: Shutterstock

Nothing beats this one. Firmly hold your sleeping companion by the ankles and pull as hard as you can! This can easily be done with a friend’s help.

26. Play an instrument

Source: Normans

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument but never felt good enough? Then, this is the perfect opportunity to test your skills. Get any instrument that you own or one that can be borrowed. Play it as loud as you can in the sleeping person’s room. It’s an annoying wake-up call for them, but a moment of laughter for you!

27. Whisper in their ear

Source: Hearing Health Matters

This can be pretty annoying for any sleeping person, but it is also funny. Whisper in their ear until they get annoyed enough to wake up.

28. Add muscle pain ointment

Source: Edwards Food Giant

Waking up to pain is never fun, at least if you are the one sleeping. However, it can be hilarious for the person watching you waking up. Smearing a muscle pain ointment like Bengay on a sleeping person can have hilarious results. Just apply and wait for the magic to happen!

29. Cut their hair off

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Flokq

Waking up without a chunk of your hair is horrible — or funny, depending on who’s doing the cutting! If you’re going to wake someone up by cutting their hair, then you’d better be ready to be in a lot of trouble.

30. Place objects on top of them

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Purpose Games

Another fun way for somebody to wake up is with many objects on their body. Gather as many things as you can in your house and place them on top of the sleeping person. Sooner or later, they will wake up and wonder what is happening!

31. Add syrup to their body

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Cleveland Clinic

This waking-up method takes a little inspiration from the movie The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan. Pour any syrup or honey you can find on your friend’s body while they are sleeping. Of course, they’re going to wake up in a sticky mess, which could lead to some funny reactions!

32. Fake spiders

Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Source: Oddity Mall

A trick like this works best if someone is scared of spiders. First, purchase a few fake spiders online and place them on and around your friend or family member. Then, wait for them to wake up and freak out so you can laugh!

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