31 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Monday

Did you wake up this morning thinking to yourself, “It’s Monday? Not again!” Bored during office hours on a long, tiring Monday? Desperately waiting for the weekend already?

Well then, we’ve got the perfect cure for your Monday blues right here!

All of us know Mondays get us feeling really exhausted and dull, trying to work off the stagnant energy from the lazy Sunday you had last night.

Most of us hate having to get up early every morning for work or school, repeating the same drab routine over and over every week. We know how annoying that can feel! So let us help you make your dull Monday a little more exciting with 31 unique and interesting facts about Monday!

Here’s your first Monday fact:

1. Monday is not the first day of the week.

Did you know that in many countries around the world, like the UAE, the week starts with Sunday? That’s right! Your lazy Sunday can’t be lazy if you lived elsewhere. In ancient Hebrew culture, Monday is also the second day of the week. It comes from the term Yom Sheni, which means “second day”!

2. Mondays are fasting days in many religious.

In Christianity, Judaism and Islam alike, Mondays are designated days of the week to fast on. In all three religions, it is said that Mondays have strong spiritual correspondences – Mormons conduct family religious study time, In Islam, the Prophet was said to be born on a Monday, and in Judaism fasting on a Monday of the second civil year of the Hebrew calendar is considered full of blessings.

3. The Titanic sank on a Monday!

That’s right, the infamous ship sinking that shocked the whole world was destroyed on a Monday. But don’t fret. We’re sure your Monday won’t be as unlucky. You can still take your boat out on a nice Monday morning.

monday facts

4. The popular video streaming site, YouTube, was launched on a Monday in 2005.

So, if you’re looking to launch your own online streaming service, maybe you should consider this day! We are forever grateful for this wonderful Monday that brought us a site to endlessly stream funny cat and dog videos, look up tutorials on just about anything and watch our favorite people film their awesome life for us.

5. Did you know Monday is the only word, in all the days of the week, that can make an anagram?

The anagram of Monday is dynamo! (another fun fact: dynamos were the first electrical generators that could transmute power to industry, and were the foundation for other such generators later to come).

6. Being the first day of the week,

some evidence of studies suggests that a Monday is the best day to make pledges because you have the ripe energy of a new dawn. New day, new me!

7. Did you know that according to astrology,

Mondays are a favorable day to be born because it is a quiet and peaceful day, and people born on this day are likely to have good luck on their side. After all, Mondays are supposed to be influenced by the energy of the moon! And don’t we all love the moon?

8. So many talented and famous people were born on a Monday.

Tina Fey, an American comedian, Eddie Murphy, an actor, and Fareed Zakaria, a journalist working for CNN were all some of the really talented and smart people born on a Monday! If you too were born this day of the week, you can be rest assured you have a guaranteed famous career. Maybe this also means if you want to go for an audition or take a swing at starting your acting career, you should do so on a Monday!

9. The metal of the day for Monday is silver!

This is because of how it resembles the luster of the moon, and Monday is the moon day according to Vedic astrology! Bring out your best and most beloved silver jewelry and don it with confidence on a Monday, because now you know the stars on your side!monday facts

10. In numerology, the numbers 1, 2 and 7 are lucky numbers for Monday.

So, if you happen to see any of these numbers, or better yet, if it’s the 7th or 1st or 2nd of a month on Monday, you know you’re going to be lucky. The numbers signify unity, prosperity, creation, duality and much more! So, don’t wait and go get that lottery ticket!

11. Feeling alone with your Monday blues?

We got you covered, or rather, the Bangles, an all-girls rock band from the 80s have got you covered. They have a song called Manic Monday, a fun tune you can dance to and meaningful lyrics that you can relate to, to start off your day just right! As they said, “I wish it was Sunday, ’cause that’s my fun day.” What better way to start your week than boogie-ing into it, am I right?monday facts

12. Did you know an infamous school shooter in 1979,

named Brenda Spencer, justified her crime when she was questioned about it asked by claiming “I just don’t like Mondays” um… awkward silence… We hate Mondays too, Brenda, but we don’t go this far! I’m sure we could have taken a better, less violent route.

13. The Anglo-Saxon word, “mondandaeg”

is where the modern word Monday is derived from! It means “the moon’s day,” so its not just astrology that designates Monday as moon day!

14. On may 17th, 1954, the US supreme court

ruled that segregation between white and black people was unconstitutional, and therefore, segregation was officially and legally ended! Guess what day it was? That’s right, a glorious Monday! There’s no room for racism here!

15. It was on a Monday, the 6th of August in 1945 that the USA dropped a nuclear bomb

on the Japanese city of Hiroshima during the second world war. This was one of the first and most damaging nuclear bomb explosions in the world at the time, and still to this day remains one of the worst attacks in war history.

16. One of the most beloved chocolates,

and everyone’s given valentine’s day gift, the Hershey chocolate kisses, were first manufactured on a Monday! Maybe you can’t kiss your valentine due to the pandemic going on, but you sure can send them some in chocolate form instead!

17. Mickey mouse, our beloved Disney character,

for children and adults alike, made his first appearance on television on a Monday too! Isn’t that just fantastic? If mickey can do Mondays, we’re sure we can manage them!monday facts

18. Remember Narnia?

We’re sure you do, because all of us tried to open our closets and enter this magical and wondrous world at some point in our childhood (we still try it today sometimes…). Guess what? This fantastical world was first given to the first on a Monday! C.S Lewis brought us the book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and we have never looked back since!

19. Reminiscing about the good ol’ days of 2012,

when the world almost ended according to the Mayan myths, except we survived the alleged apocalypse somehow and oh! Our favorite song that none of us could get out of our heads (and still cant to this day), Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen was released, and on a Monday! Oh no! did we remind you of the song? Are you already singing it? We’re sorry for the flashback, but we know you enjoy it!

20. Ready for more chocolate?

We know we are! Guess what other fan-favorite chocolate product was released on a Monday? You probably can’t guess, so we’ll tell you: Nutella! It’s safe to say this decadent chocolate spread took the whole world by storm.

We cannot count the amount of Nutella bottles we have licked clean, and we bet you can’t either. Its no secret, all of us have giant jars of Nutella sitting on our shelves right now. So, if it’s a Monday when you read this, pull out your jar and eat directly from it to celebrate the birth of this precious chocolate spread.monday facts

21. Research shows that Mondays are the ideal day to begin a new task list or start a new routine,

as it is the start of the week and therefore will offer you the most productivity and motivation when setting out to do something new. If you’ve been meaning to try a new sleeping routine, or workout, then start this Monday and you’ll see great results!

22. The comedian Steven Wright famously claimed

“Mondays are a dreadful way to spend 1/7 of your life” don’t you all agree? We certainly do. Mondays really are just awful, but alas, we have to go through them on repeat.

23. Scientific studies actually show that most people,

about 50% of us, are periodically late to work or school on Mondays. If you thought you were alone, you’d be glad to know you aren’t. Trust us, your coworkers are just as late as you, if not more. We’re all feeling extra lazy and get tardy on Mondays.monday facts

24. Monday is statistically reported to be the least rainy day of the week in general.

If you’re a Londoner who is sick and tired of rain ruining all your plans, try to schedule them on Mondays so you won’t have to be disappointed again. No more rainy days, quite literally!

25. There are often 52 Mondays in a year,

unless the year starts with a Monday, then there are 53 Mondays! It’s okay everybody, we know it sounds like a lot of Mondays till your year is over, but you can do it! Just start your morning with a positive mindsight, especially a Monday, and then your whole week will be set with positive energy. Its true, try it for yourself and see.

26. Did you know in some spiritual and superstitious beliefs, it is said “as Monday goes, so the week goes”

and so it is advised not to enter your home through its back door, and people also commonly believe you should not ask for or give things on a Monday, as all these practices may bring bad luck. So you better watch your actions on a Monday, we sure to give your week a good start!

27. There is a really cool film called “what happened to Monday”,

which actually is not about the day Monday, instead it is a name of a woman! The movie features a thrilling post-apocalyptic world that is sure to pull you in and make your boring Monday a little brighter!

28. If you’re into spirituality and meditation,

Monday is the best day to work on your root chakra, according to spiritualists. If you are new to this concept, you should check it out!

The chakras are energy centers of our bodies, and working on healing them helps you feel better. The root chakra deals with our essential needs and safety and stability. What better way to start a Monday than work on these aspects of our life? Start your spiritual journey on your next Monday to live a better life!

29. Looking to invest in stocks and need a favourable day?

Statistics show that the US stock market rises on Mondays. Plan your next investment accordingly and make the most of the luck Monday brings you! Maybe invest in Elon Musk’s dogecoin, or not, since it crashed recently. Whatever you do, do it on a Monday!

30. We all adore the Beatles, don’t we?

I know you do, you cant not adore them! The whole world knows them, and today we still celebrate their music. But did you know they first appeared on television on a Monday? This famous appearance then slowly gave rise to their international fame. Every Monday should be a Beatles day, we officially declare it so!

31. Lastly, if you’re looking to cure your Monday blues,

studies have shown that watching your favorite television show or movie, shopping online, or planning for your next vacation can greatly make your Mondays better! So, if you’re feeling bored at work, trying to avoid the boss, turn to your computers and shop for a new pair of heels or plan your next trip to Hawaii!

Did we manage to brighten you dreary Monday? Did we convince you that Mondays really aren’t that bad? I bet we did with these exciting and informational facts! We know how tiring and difficult Mondays can be, and we’re right there with you on that.

There is a lot you can do to help yourself get through difficult days, we hope reading these facts about Monday helped you, even in the slightest. If not, don’t worry, it’s just 24 hours and you will live to see another day. Afterall, Tuesday is right around the corner, and the weekend is closer than you think!

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