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In 2022, the global jobs market is increasingly competitive. When school or college leavers look to secure their first job within an organization, it can be an arduous process to even secure an interview, and it may take numerous applications for jobs until a position is gained. Having a well-rounded and in-depth education is a vital asset to possess for both the job market and life in general. Building specialist knowledge in a chosen field of study can open the door for advanced roles within an organization that offer attractive starting salaries and possessing high levels of general intelligence can help make life easier and more enjoyable. This article describes three reasons why education is so important in today’s world and why it is hugely important to fully subscribe to a philosophy of lifelong learning. 

To Improve Career Prospects

Having a higher level of education is recognized as a key way of improving a person’s career prospects. Put simply, qualifications are not simply pieces of paper; they are documents that demonstrate the fact that a candidate has applied themselves fully to learning and has gained skills and knowledge that will be valuable to potential employers. Modern educational institutions, such as https://online.pointpark.edu/, offer degree programmes that prepare students for fulfilling carers by offering learning and content that employers want in their staff. Having high-level qualifications allows the employee to apply for skilled jobs that recognize the value of their education and have remuneration packages that reflect this. Ongoing education throughout life also allows a person to build increasing levels of knowledge and specialize in areas of interest. This can result in being a suitable candidate for senior roles within a specific industry or sector which offer true career advancement.

Better Life Decisions

A highly educated person with a broad knowledge base is far more likely to make sensible and beneficial life decisions. Whether it be deciding on the purchase of a vehicle that suits the needs of the owner and their family without causing future financial hardship through taking on excessive levels of credit or being able to stay vigilant against potential frauds or acts of cybercrime, education and knowledge are key. Incredibly, having a good level of education can also lead to a longer life. This may be largely down to the fact that higher levels of education lead to improved life decisions, such as choosing to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle, due to the perceived benefits of these. 

To Achieve Life Goals

Most people like to set themselves goals in life. Whether it be securing an important promotion at work or planning and financing the family trip of a lifetime, education can help a person make those dreams a reality. Higher levels of education are often mirrored by higher earnings during a career, which can provide the financial means to achieve certain life goals that require a large amount of funding. However, it is important to also realize that some goals in life require planning and intelligence to achieve, not just money. By having a well-rounded and developed education, a person can effectively plan and work around problems or barriers by intellect alone, so that personal goals can be achieved.

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