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We all love to travel and dream of seeing all the beautiful places in the world. It’s hard to get on foot, the plane is fast, but expensive, the boats don’t go everywhere! What to do in such a situation? Traveling by car: This can be either your own car or a rented car from a car rental company.

You can rent a lamborghini in dubai, or rent a jeep or SUV if you plan to drive off-road. Traveling in a rented car or in your own car will save you time and money. And of course you can travel with animals in the car.

Now, let’s see where you can go on a trip by car?

  1. Iceland

    To get started, you need to fly to Iceland by plane, or by ferry.

    And then it’s enough (if you didn’t come by car by ferry) to find a local car rental company and rent a car that suits you.

    In Iceland there is a so-called Ring Road. Having started your car journey from Reykjavik, you can return to the same place without turning around. This road circles all of Iceland around.

    The Icelandic “district” passes through 18 cities and covers the main attractions of the country. This is a great idea for a road trip: you will see the valleys of geysers and view the 60-meter Seljalandsfoss waterfall from all sides. On the way you will spend about 7 days.

  2. Georgia

    If you arrive in Tbilisi and rent a car, the route will depend on the number of days you are willing to spend on vacation:

    2-3 days: you can go to Kakheti and / or Sighnaghi. If you have been there, then you can go to Borjomi, Chiatura and Gori.

    5-7 days: you can go to the very west, drive to Batumi, see the beautiful places of Adjara, on the way backstop by Kutaisi, Tskhaltubo, Chiatura. You can include the Racha region in the route, it is very beautiful there.

    8-14 days: enough for a large circular route around the country. Let’s look at it in detail.

    An example of a route from Tbilisi:

    Day 1: Tbilisi – Telavi – Alaverdi Monastery – Kindzamarauli and Graneli wineries – overnight in a guesthouse in the village of Yeniseli;

    Day 2: Nekresi monastery – stop by the Radisson Tsinandali hotel for coffee – Sighnaghi – Bodbe monastery – overnight in a guesthouse in Sighnaghi;

    Day 3: David Gareji monastery – an abandoned quarter near Rustavi – a beautiful road through the nat. Algeti park – Tsalka lake – overnight in a sanatorium on the coast of Tsalka lake;

    Day 4: Dashbashi canyons – a beautiful road to Ninotsminda across Lake Paravani – Akhalkalaki fortress – Vardzia – in the evening we reach Borjomi, spend the night in a guesthouse;

    Day 5: Borjomi – Akhalkice – Rabati Fortress – Abastumani Observatory – Zestafoni (via a large detour due to a closed road) – overnight in a guesthouse / winery;

    Day 6-7: Chiatura – Tkibuli – Lake Shaori – Ambrolauri – Khvanchkara – we buy wine at the factory in Bugeuli – we visit the Secret Pool in Lailashi – we reach Kutaisi and spend the night in a guesthouse;

    Day 8: Martvili monastery and canyon – Marani winery – drive to Gori, spend the night in a guesthouse;

    Day 9: Gori – Jvari Monastery – Mtskheta – return to Tbilisi, return of the car.

  3. Norway

    Road travelers after trips remain delighted with the Norwegian roads – they are among the best in Europe. All roads along the route are paved and maintained in good condition. However, be careful in areas that pass over cliffs and near water, in tunnels and narrow places where you need to let oncoming cars pass. 

    An example of a short trip through Norway:

    Day 1: Oslo – Noresund. Trekking, 12th century temples and fishing;

    Day 2: Noresund – Geilo. Bear park, Gardnos crater and Geilo sauna;

    Day 3: Geilo – Eidfjord. Hardangervidda National Park;

    Day 4: Eidfjord – Bergen. Zipline, wind tunnel and port Bergen.

    fascinating places to travel by car 3

Traveling around cities and countries by car is a great opportunity to visit the most beautiful corners of the country that you have long dreamed of seeing. You are free to choose routes and places you want to visit, and do not depend on the public transport schedule and the schedule of the guide. In any city, you can stay longer than the planned time and independently make a list of attractions that you want to see. And it is up to you to decide whether your trip will be long or short: at will, the route can be changed, reduced or, conversely, expanded.

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