29 Funny Monkey Pictures That Will Make You Screech with Laughter

The list of the funny monkey pictures was long over due, to be honest, we knew they are hilarious a long time ago, and we even wrote about them before with this hilarious gallery, but now it’s time for more.

It is fascinating to see and engage with monkeys. They are extremely intelligent beings that are closely related to people. Monkeys are classified as primates, just like humans, and primates are generally smarter than other animals with brains that are larger than their bodies. 

Monkeys exhibit some pretty interesting behaviors that capture our attention. A few of the most fascinating are the following: 

Monkeys use grooming to strengthen their relationships

Monkeys enjoy picking insects, dirt, and other debris off of their friends. It is an act of love and affection for monkeys rather than a reflection of their personal cleanliness. In addition to keeping monkeys healthy, grooming rituals also help them form stronger social relationships and, ultimately, feel more at ease. 

Some monkeys love taking hot baths

The Japanese Macaques, commonly referred to as Snow Monkeys, are found in four different parts of the country. They can survive in a variety of climates and environments, including highlands, subtropical woods, and hot mountain springs. 

Japanese Macaque monkey groups enjoy hot, relaxing baths in the volcanic hot springs at Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan. It’s interesting to learn from several studies that these hot baths make these monkeys feel less stressed.

Howler monkeys are extremely loud

While all monkeys can make their presence known, howler monkeys have one of the loudest calls of any land mammal. Humans can hear a howler monkey’s roar from a distance of three miles.

Male howler monkeys are larger and louder than females. The deep sound produced by the howler monkey is the result of a physical adaptation of the species: an enlarged hyoid bone in their throats.

Monkeys choose their sleeping trees

Monkeys must choose their sleeping locations carefully because they spend the night in trees. By choosing tall, solitary trees with branches that do not touch one another, monkeys are able to avoid predators that need to move between branches.

It also lessens exposure to stinging insects and offers protection from mosquitoes that transmit malaria. Because of the easy access to food, some monkeys prefer to live close to human habitations.

Monkeys come in a variety of sizes, breeds, colors, and shapes. There are over 200 different species of monkeys in the world. They are also some of the funniest primates around, dare we say funnier than humans! 

Here are some of the funniest pictures of monkeys that you’ll see. Enjoy!

Funny monkey pictures list

1. Say cheese!

via Freepik

2. The face you make when the impossible thing you said wouldn’t happen actually did happen.

via Wallpapers

3. *Yawn*

via Reader’s Digest

4. Tell me I’m beautiful.

via Pinterest

5. “Oh, so that’s where my underwear went.”

via Reader’s Digest

6. “Hey buddy, you got a problem?”

via Unsplash

7. This is probably how your guardian angel in heaven looks while they watch you mess everything up in your life. 

via Reader’s Digest

8. Wheezing and heaving laughter is the best kind. Just ask this monkey!

via Facebook

9. “Oh…”

via Unsplash

10. Bad hair day.

via Slide Share

11. Literally rolling on the floor laughing. 

via Twitter

12. “Eh? What you sayin’, eh?”

via Facebook

13. This is what you probably look like in your high school yearbook photo!

via iStock Photo

14. Another yearbook photo-worthy grin.

via Earth Touch News

15. Mirror mirror on the wall, where are the bananas?

via Unsplash

16. The bananas are nowhere to be found.

via NPR

17. You’re never gonna get me in this tree over here!

via Pinterest

18. Oh god, oh god, what is that I feel on my monkey butt?

via PX Fuel

19. “Look, I’m people! This is how they walk, like idiots on two legs.”

via YouTube

20. “Oh I can’t bear to watch!”

via iStock Photo

21. “Yes doctor, I’ve been feeling a bit of pain in my left ear lately.” 

via Adobe

22. This monkey has got some of the most enviable lips we’ve ever seen!

via Reader’s Digest

23. “So it is true!”

via Pixabay

24. Monkeys just have the best smiles!

via Twitter

25. Looks like it’s cuddle weather for these three.

via Wallpaper Flare

26. “To be, or not to be? That is the question.”

via Art of It

27. This monkey looks like he’s just misled another fellow primate in the wrong direction for (non-existent) bananas!

via Wallpapers

28. How everybody feels like on a working Monday.


via Reader’s Digest

29. How everybody looks when they’re watching their favorite Netflix show on their laptops 

via YouTube

Monkeys truly are a fascinating species. They give us plenty of insight into our own behavior, and they also make us laugh a ton with their funny facial expressions!

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