27 Monty Python and the Holy Grail Memes that are so Cult

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is probably the funniest movie I ever watched. Not even kidding. It’s basically a movie about memes if you think about it lol. So it makes sense that this post of Monty Python and the Holy Grail memes was created, well, by me.

The movie was a smashing success when it came out, and then slowly died down like all movies do, but when the internet exploded on the world and the meme culture built up, it was obvious that this movie will re-surface and take its place as a cult movie.

My favorite scene? The one with the black knight trying to save face when he clearly lost the fight long ago saying ” Tis but a scratch! ” I laughed so hard during this scene it’s ridiculous. Oh, and if you like these type of posts, make sure to also check out our list of hilarious hold the door memes from the modern day Monty Python – Game of Thrones ( not really )

Funniest Monty Python and the Holy Grail Memes 

1. The deadly Bunny, never forget

2.  When your history teacher asks you to describe an important medieval battle

The black knight fight scene from the movie monty python and the holy grail

3. Tis but a scratch!

The black knight saying tis but a scratch from the movie monty python and the holy grail

4. There were no horses hurt during the filming of this movie

Horse and white knight from monty python meme as Drake

5. Impossible questions to answer.

monty python and the holy grail memes

6. The original version of Game of Thrones – only funnier

7. Every time I get back from my mom’s place, I feel the same way.

monty python and the holy grail memes

8. Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science

King arthur from monty python speaking to the scientist

9. Message that feels like you get stab in the chest

10. Probably the best one punch line in movie’s history

11. Finding Monty Python memes on Instagram is a sin

monty python and the holy grail memes

12. How kings in the old days decided they should be able to get a divorce

13. This describes the war with the perfect analogy.

The black knight from monty python and the holy grail saying

14. When memes get mixed up – the results are pretty funny actually.

15. This checks out. The real reason the Nigerian civil war happened.

16. It’s a fool proof plan, 60% of the time it works every time!

17. When you say hello there and your friend doesn’t respond with ” General Kenobi ” – what a noob

18. Monty Python should 100% come back – beats any comedy today

19. I need this door mat for my house like yesterday

20. Trying to search for your ancestry can be tricky

21. And now for something completely different

Jon Cleese laying on a table outside wearing a bra

22. If the Holy Grail had a Hollywood style movie poster.

If Monty Python and the holy Grail got a Hollywood style poster

23. Just a harmless little bunny isn’t it?!

24. The killer bunny – The most badass animal in movie history

25. We are the knights of Ni!!

an illustration of the knights of NI from the movie Monty Python and the holy grail

26. The medieval times version of ” Shut up and take my money “

A monty Python version of the shut up and take my money meme

27. Go away or I shall taunt you a second time door carpet

Some cool facts about Monty Python movies

  • While the movie seems like a huge success now and became a cult film, it actually only grossed around $3 million world wide, think about that for a second. Goes to show you don’t need a big budget to make a hit film.
  • The name Monty Python doesn’t mean anything, they guys just made it up on the spot when they needed to think of a name before shooting their BBC first episode.
  • The iconic coconut horse riding joke/sound effects came out of a need. They simply didn’t have enough money in their budget to get real horses, so they used this instead.
  • Most of the castle scenes are shot in one castle. When searching for locations to shoot the movie it was informed to the cast that they would not be able to use any castle in Scotland because the government didn’t want them to make a fool of these historic places ( lmao ). So they ended up finding 1 privately held castle and just shot there from different angles to make it look like different places.
  • The famous black knight scene was made up by Cleese after he remember a story someone told him about two Roman fighters who battled fiercely and when one of them finally tapped out, only to realize that the other guy was already dead. The moral of that story was that you can’t lose if you don’t quit, which Cleese hated.

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