27 Exotic Dog Breeds We All Need In Our Life Right Now

What’s common for all dogs is that they are such a good friends to us humans. It’s no different with these exotic dog breeds also. They are humans’ best friends who come in various shapes and sizes as the matter of fact.

Golden retrievers, German shepherds, Boxers, Bulldogs… are some of them which we see every day in the local park.

Yet there are many interesting breeds that are an unusual sight for most of us and can be called exotic.

What makes a dog breed exotic? 

When thinking about the breeds we mentioned here we decided to label exotic as dogs that are:

  • Not raised in everyday environments.
  • Have a unique history or background
  • Have a unique physical appearance

Combine all these and more, and you have a unique dog breed, and this article is exactly about them. Let’s check out together some buddies of this kind.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

Check out this coat! Tibetan Mastiff is able to handle harsh Central Asia winters thanks to it. He’s a big boy weighing 100 to 160 pounds.

exotic dog breeds 2 (1)

2. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

This cutie is very rare nowadays and there is only few hundred of them registered annually. Farmers and gipsies used to keep these dogs with short legs to hunt rats and badgers.

exotic dog breeds 3 (1)

exotic dog breeds 4 (1)

3. Leonberger

Okay, this is one huge animal! Leonberger is a cross between a Newfoundland, St. Bernard, and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, with males reaching up to 170 pounds!

exotic dog breeds 5 (1)

rare dog breeds 6 (1)

4. Portuguese Water Dog

Can you resist these beautiful curls?! These dogs are very comfortable when it comes to water and they were used in Portugal to herd fish into nets, retrieve lost tackles, and help fishermen in other ways.

exotic dog breeds 7 (1)

exotic dog breeds 8 (1)

5. Löwchen

“Little Lion” in German, is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. Also, it is very old breed which made a wonderful companion for the wealthy elite of France and Germany since the 15th century.

exotic dog breeds 9 (1)

exotic dog breeds 10 (1)

6. Brussels Griffon

It is extremely rare breed known for its humanoid face expression. They were almost extinct after World War II.

exotic dog breeds 11 (1)

rare dog breeds 12 (1)

7. New Guinea Singing Dog

This breed was in complete isolation for more than 30,000 years, living in the Papua New Guinea mountains. Today there are about 100 of them outside of their natural habitat.

exotic dog breeds 13 (1)

exotic dog breeds 14 (1)

8. Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

This unusual dog with no fur can be traced back to ancient Mexico, where they were domesticated and used as home and hunt companions.

exotic dog breeds 15 (1)

exotic dog breeds 16 (1)

9. Czechoslovakian Vlcak

In 1955 German Shepherds were bred with wolves and that how Czechoslovakian Vlcak was made. They are friendly as German Shepherds and like to live in packs like wolves.

rare dog breeds 17 (1)

exotic dog breeds 18 (1)

10. Bergamasco Shepherd

Wow! That’s some fur coat! Surprisingly it doesn’t shed and requires very little care. Bergamasco Shepherds are real gentle giants who can be shy with strangers.

exotic dog breeds 19 (1)

exotic dog breeds 20 (1)

11. Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

These adorable exotic dog breeds are 50% longer than they are tall. But they are 100% more adorable than the others dogs on this list

exotic dog breeds 21 (1)

exotic dog breeds 22 (1)

12. Lancashire Heeler

This breed was created as a good house pet and to also herd cattle back in the day, they do both of these jobs pretty damn well.

rare dog breeds 23 (1)

exotic dog breeds 24 (1)

13. Mudi

This dog breed is pretty rare, if you’re lucky enough to own one of these you are in for a treat, they are extremely intelligent dogs and very loving. They are easy to recognize with their sheep like coat.

exotic dog breeds 25 (1)

exotic dog breeds 26 (1)

14. Russkiy Toy

These puppies could only be found inside Russia until the 1990’s. But now they’re pretty popular around the world. About the same size as a chihuahua dog these dogs are cute AF

exotic dog breeds 27 (1)

rare dog breeds 28 (1)

15. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

If you need a giant dog to protect your livestock and just be adorable as well. These dogs are perfect. They weigh between 110 to 200 lbs and being used to protect livestock from bears in Georgia.

exotic dog breeds 29 (1)

rare dog breeds 30 (1)

16. Swedish Vallhund

The ” Viking Dog ” has been around for more than a millennium. These dogs just crave human attention and are perfect pets for the family

exotic dog breeds 31 (1)

exotic dog breeds 32 (1)

17. Slovensky Cuvac

These dogs were originally breed to protect livestock, but after years of doing so they adopted a protective attitude towards humans as well. Don’t be fool by their cute look and fur, they are mostly muscle and are very strong dogs

exotic dog breeds 33 (1)

rare dog breeds 34 (1)

18. Neapolitan Mastiff

Unlike the previous dog breed, these 150 pounds of cuteness are loving dogs that just want to cuddle. Today they are being used in the army and police because they are big and very intelligent.

rare dog breeds 35 (1)

exotic dog breeds 36 (1)

19. Bedlington Terrier

These sheep looking dogs only look funny, they have surprisingly strong jaws that were used in the past to hunt rats and fight other dogs. Til this day they are very playful and love to exercise

exotic dog breeds 37 (1)

20. Bouvier Des Flandres

These are brave dogs. They are most known to serve during the World Wars and help carry wounded soldiers if needed, there is a legend that one of these dogs managed to bite the hand of Adolf Hitler

exotic dog breeds 38 (1)

21. Otterhound

Only around 1000 dogs are left in the world today because they were breed in the past to hunt otters, but when the otters population in the UK decreased dramatically, so does the breeding of this dog.

rare dog breeds 39 (1)

22. Catahoula Leopard Dog

The leopard dogs are known to be extremely friendly to humans, they were also the first rare dog breed to be bred in the US. As the name suggests, they have a leopard like coat and they were used for herding and hunting

exotic dog breeds 40 (1)

23. Swedish Lapphund

Maybe the most rare on this list of exotic dog breeds. The Swedish Lapphund has been herding reindeer in Lapland for more than 7,000 years, these animals have huge hearts and are so rare that there are only between 5 – 10 of them in the USA

rare dog breeds 41 (1)

exotic dog breeds 42 (1)

24. Saluki

This is a special breed. One of the oldest dog breeds in the world dating back to 6,000 BC. In ancient Egypt these dogs were considered magnificent for their beauty and were sometimes mummified along side pharaohs. It is also the only dog breed that’s considered clean and noble in the Muslim religion

rare dog breeds 43 (1)

25. Karelian Bear Dog

Considered a national treasure in Finland. Could be a perfect hunt dog, they have a natural ability to distract a bear’s attention while the human sneaks in for the kill. If trained correctly they could also be a loving part in a family

rare dog breeds 44 (1)

exotic dog breeds 45 (1)

26. Catalburun

Only one of three exotic dog breeds that have split nose, this makes them a super hunter that can sniff prey from miles away. The breed is almost unknown outside of Turkey

exotic dog breeds 46 (1)

exotic dog breeds 47 (1)

27. Chinese Crested

A hairless animal that needs special attention especially in cold weather. The breed only has hair on his head, legs and tail. It has a very good attitude and can be very cute as a family member

exotic dog breeds 48 (1)

exotic dog breeds 49 (1)

28. Azawakh

This huge huge dog breed comes from West Africa and with very apparent origins of the Sahelian zone of Mali. You won’t see this dog out side of its natural areas, or at least it will be very rare. Also the dog has a very unique type and look that you would not easy forget.

These dogs are a little hesitant at first, but when they get used to you, they are very affectionate.


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