27 Cool Clocks That Will Show You The Time In Creative ways

Salvador Dali gave us “The Persistence of Memory”, which is widely known as “The Melting Watches” and immediately we thought to ourselves, wow, these are some cool clocks! They speak of the relativity of space and time and it is meant to break our notion of a fixed cosmic order.

And today we wan to show you some other representations of cool clocks and the idea of time and we’ll let you decide which you like best.

The clock is one of the oldest human inventions and it has been deciding our lives since immemorable times. And since we need it so much, we made it into jewellery, decorative object and so on. The design is pretty classic as it needs to serve the same need: telling time in a precise and easy to read manner.

However, there are times when we like to play with it, make some art of how a clock should look like and also meditate a little on the notion of time, something we’ve invented and something that invented us at the same time.

So, let’s see 33 different, unique and creative clock designs:

Cool clocks list

1. Turntable clock (So, time is a track that we can stop and play whenever we want? We’d like to)

cool clocks 2

2. RND Time (rnd comes from “random”, the random application on the wall. This means that time is just a subjective matter?) The most creative of the cool clocks gallery

random application on the wall - cool clocks 3

cool clocks 4

3. Pop Quiz Clock (the feeling of blackboard and chalk while you’re trying to make out the exact time. Divine! Or not?)

Pop Quiz Clock - creative clocks

4. Cool Clock Made From A Recycled Bike Wheel (and the times goes rolling by just like a bike wheel

Cool Clock Made From A Recycled Bike Wheel

5. Domino Clock ( new and playful way to tell time)

Domino Clock

creative clocks 8

unique clocks 9

6. Whatever Clock (meaning, who cares what time it is?)

Whatever Clock - who cares what time it is

7. Definition of time (you can’t really tell what time it is, but it looks quite nice in your home; it’s a beautiful piece of absurd art)

Definition of time

unique clocks 12

unique clocks 13

8. Melting Clock (yes, we are all melting away with time)

Melting Clock

9. Sundial clock (the numbers are perpendicular to the surface of the clock. When viewed from the front, you see their shadows which make them appear just flat on the surface; when seen from the side, you see the “truth”)

Sundial clock

cool clocks 16

10. Manifold Clock (it creates a 3D sensation and, as it moves, different parts of the manifold are shown)

Manifold Clock

artistic clocks 18

cool watches 19

11. Color Blind Clock (if you take a closer look you will see the numbers!)

Color Blind Clock

12. Continue Time (two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer so the kinetic artwork clock is always changing its shape)

two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer so the kinetic artwork clock is always changing its shape

13. Continue Time 2 (yep, another shape)

a very unique wall clock design

14. Little Time (the numbers are really little, only that the hands of the clock have magnifying lenses which enables you to see what time really is) This is a really cool clock

the numbers are really little - little time clock

15. It’s about time (this is a call for action as the time is running out)

It's about time

16. 24th Sentence Maker Wall Clock  (it is time to dream!)

cool clocks 25

cool clock designs 26

17. Book Clock (the history and the future all in those books)

Book block Clock

18. Mike Mak Clock (the eyes are turning to show you the time)

cool clock designs 28

cool clock designs 29

19. Mhin Clock (the hours are up and the minutes down; make out the time yourself!)

cool clock designs 30

cool clock designs 31

20. Clock Made From A Recycled Magnetic Tape Reel

Clock Made From A Recycled Magnetic Tape Reel

21. The Clock  (Reading clockwise, the time being is visible through a word and readable by the completeness of the word, 12 words from “one” to “twelve”. Good luck telling time!)

cool clock designs 33

22. The Meaning of Time (You can use anything you want to tell the time)

epic clocks 34

epic clocks 35

23. Dish Time Clock (the name says it all)

cool clocks 36

epic clocks 37

24. Uomino Clocks (Live! Time is passing by)

epic clocks 38 - people running

25. Redundant Clock

epic clocks 39

26. En Suspend

cool clocks 40

27. What time is it?

cool clocks 41

cool clocks 42

28. This beautiful clock of a flying bird in various positions

cool clocks

29. This one is knitted and you can actually smoosh it if you like

30. A cool clock that tells you the time with words and a little light

31. Thinking about breakfast all the time? This one is for you

cool clocks

32. A Game of Thrones style of clock that we really love

Game of Thrones style of clock

33. You don’t really need two dials – You can do just fine with a ball

If you enjoyed some of these unique clocks you will probably also love some of this solar system watch and the moss clock.

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