25 Of The Best Food Puns of All Time!

The internet is full of hilarious puns, some people love them, some people find them boring, but all in all – puns are so popular that we just had to find 33 best food puns that you can laugh at and show to your friends.

What is a pun? To those who are not well informed about puns, you should know that puns are jokes which exploit the different possible meaning of a word or a fact, which means – there is a lot of ways to create new puns and enjoy their double meanings. The internet is pretty much made of puns, and cat pictures, don’t forget about cat pictures.

Funny Food Puns

1. Blurred Limes

You have probably heard the song from Pharrell Williams ‘Blurred Limes’ – good pun, don’t you think?

2. Everyday I’m Trufflin’ – my favorite of the food puns

Another funny pun related to a very popular song by LMFAO ‘Party Rock Anthem’, Everyday I’m Shuffling is a sentence in this great party song and everyone will understand the pun for sure!


3. Don’t be Shellfish

Hey man, don’t be selfish is what you would usually say, but when using a pun, try going with ‘Don’t be shellfish’ because it really is hilarious if you think about it.


4. Game of Cones

If you are a big fan of Game of Thrones as we are, this pun will be a great thing for you. When friends ask you where have you been, you answer ‘I went on a game of cones’!


5. I Donut Hate You

A great way to turn a fight into something super funny. Let your mother or a brother know that you don’t hate them by saying ‘I donut hate you’ – If you got a donut as an extra it will be even funnier.


6. The Lord of The Onion Rings

Got a friend who is crazy about onion rings? Make him your lord of the onion rings, it will surely make him laugh! If he is a LOTR fan, it will be even better!


7. Nice to Meat You

This would be an awesome introduction for a comedian or someone who is all about jokes. Why would you be normal and say ‘Nice to meet you’ right?


8. Fry Me a River

You have probably heard Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry me a river’ song, emotional, love story turned into a whole new level with this pun!


9. What The Duck?

If you are one of these people who often curse and use the ‘F’ word, this could be a way of avoiding bad words meanwhile being funny, very funny!


10. Bi*ch, Peas

A funny way of saying ‘Bitch Please’. It will probably make people ask you to repeat, but after you do, it will all be much better. Peas! Please.


Do you know any interesting, yet funny food puns? Do you like to come up with new puns? Keep reading

11. Cereal Killer

food puns 11

12. Drop it like it’s hot – love this food pun

food puns 12

13. Gangsta Wrap

food puns 13 (1)

14. Let’s roll

food puns 14

15. Olive you

food puns 15

16. Planet of the grapes

food puns 16

17. Shake it off

food puns 17

18. Slice slice baby

food puns 18 (1)

19. Time fries

food puns 19 (1)

20. Winners never quit

food puns 20

21. You don’t know jack

food puns 21

22. You wanna pizza me

food puns 22 (1)

23. That’s naan of your business

food puns 25 (1)

24. I’m kind of a big dill

food puns 24 (1)

25. Bit** peas

So good of a food pun we included it twice, so what.

food puns 26 (1)

26. They see me rollin’ they hating

27. You’re my butter half 

28. Don’t go bacon my heart. 

29. You know you’re one in a melon right? 

30. Absolutely spec taco lar 

31. You are just pearfect for me 

32. Cake it easy won’t you

33. Muffin compares to you!

These food puns actually made me hungry – please share with friends.

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