24 Drool Worthy Food and Drink Recipes with Pictures

If you were looking for drool worthy food and drink recipes and pictures, you can stop right here. In this gallery we share some amazing and delicious food and drink images with links to the recipe source so you could make these yourself, you’re welcome! 

Drool worthy is slang phrase to describe something that is so delicious that you actually start drooling when looking at it, here’s the more exact definition:

  • Extremely attractive or desirable
  • If we’re talking about food, which we are: smelling or looking delicious

We decided not to include only one type of food in this gallery so we can serve many people at once. If you want a milkshake, we got it! If you want some grilled meat, we have that too! We even have some options for vegetarians so just scroll down and pick what you like.

24 Drool Worthy Food and Drink Images with recipes

1. Apple Cranberry Crisp

Because no one can live too long without some apple pie right?

Via kitchenconfidante

2. Boozy pumpkin pie latte

Perfect for the holiday season – this drink will make you want to stay in Dec forever

Via nutmegnanny

3. Screwball chai tea latte

For people who drink coffee, need I say more? I don’t think you will find a better chai tea latte – trust me

Via nutmegnanny

4. Birthday cake macarons

Macarons, so simple, but yet so delicious

drool worthy food and drink - macarons
Via nutmegnanny

5. Espresso chocolate chip brownies

I am a brownie person, I am not a coffee person, but these look so good I am willing to do it

Via nutmegnanny

6. Stuffed Butternut Squash

Oh my, I want to eat this whole thing and not leave for anyone else

Via kitchenconfidante

7. Peppermint Mocha

Skip the main meal, just drink this as desert and you’re set

Yummy drink
Via thereciperebel

8. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie s’mores

This looks like a full meal in one plate. The ingredients? Pure happiness

Via nutmegnanny

9. Garlic butter Steak Bites with Spaghetti

Now we are getting serious, some steak bites with garlic damn these look so good

Via eatwell101

10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake and many other yummy things on top

Oh My God! that’s all I can say about this. OMG

Best looking milkshake in the world
Via kevinandamanda

11. Cheesy and garlic cracked bread

A cool bread anyone can make at home, honestly, it doesn’t look so hard.

Via recipetineats

12. Delicious cheeseburger siders

A good cheeseburger is always a good idea, and possibly the best drool making food out there

Because cheeseburger
Via countryliving

13. Crispy Tater Tots – sour cream and bacon

Because bacon, and more bacon and some little more bacon. Also sour cream

Via thefeatherednester

14. Korean Hot Dogs

The Korean really took this hot dog concept to the extreme.

Via instagram

15. Crispy and buttery puff pastry cannoncini filled with velvety and rich custard cream

Might be the most delicious desert I ever saw that doesn’t include chocolate.

drool worthy food and drink
Via cooking with manuela

16. Chocolate chip cookie dough without eggs

Can you believe this has NO eggs? Amazing and looks too good to be true

Via love to be in the kitechen

17. Grilled Greek style lamp chops

Now we go to the real food ( just kidding ) meat lovers assemble!

pork chops that are drool worthy
Via thegeneticchef

18. Ultimate pork chops – Drool worthy food engaged

Pork chops – po po po pork cho cho cho chops

Via plainchicken

19. Smoked pork tenderloin

Pork in all its forms is delicious and is worthy of this gallery

drool worthy food and drink  - bacon
Via thecountrycook

20. Grilled Thai Coconut Chicken Skewers

That’s too complicated for me, I mean it looks amazing! But the name is too complicated

Via pupswithchopsticks

21. Grilled Garlic Rosemary Smashed Potatoes

I never thought a simple potato can look so good

Via melissasouthernstylekitchen

22. Garlic grilled tomatos

I take that back, these tomatoes are the best looking thing I saw that is not meat

drool worthy food and drink - grilled tomatoes
Via blogghetti

23. Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

It’s cheese, and it’s bacon, what more do you want from me?!

Via grillinfools

24. Crispy Grilled Shrimps with lemon butter sauce

For people who prefer sea food, these grilled shrimp might do the trick

drool worthy food and drink - grilled shrimp
Via recipetineats

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